What's Your Favourite Strain to Smoke & Why


I am loving my Girl Scout Cookies for my pain and my OG Kush for my axiety during the day. Both packing a good punch!!!


I’ve done a little experimenting with this…so far the tastes have not complemented each other. The resulting flavors are not bad, just not as good as the unblended buds of each.
I have been vaping various keifs and bubble hashes with interesting results.


Yes great smoke have not seen it’s equal yet.


I think your Cinderella 99 is in my T99 family. I was reading about my T99 the other day and Cinderella was mentioned and a Sally strain I have never heard of.


There’s nothing sally about c99 lol. They’re not closely related. Cinderella 99 is of jack herer and skunk parents, t99 is cheese and nl correct? If i had to guess they were just back breed similarly.


Ok I see, the T99 is NL5 haze and big buddha cheese. There is 5 of the big names from 90’s mixed in there and yes skunk is one, if I am remembering correct the skunk is on the buddha/cheese side.
I had just remembered the Cinderella coming up when I was reading abbout my T99.
Always summin to learn lol
Just checked
Skunk 1
For one parent and then
Northern lights
For other parent


Ya, if you go back far enough just about strain around is related to some extent.


I just edited my post with the 5 strains in the T99


That’s a tough question, but I will answer with my limited strains I have tried/grown. Daytime would be Pineapple Haze, Durban Poison, Purple Haze, and Waikiki Queen. Bedtime is Bianca, or Heavy Indica to sleep at night.


Yippee !


I got to say i cant say i have a favorite strain … i but i have had some exquisitely grow buds of many varietys untill ive tried all the buds ive smoked grown equally i wouldnt be able to pick one . I thought blue cookies was my favorie to a gorilla glue or Dolato … but i got a batch of blue cookies from same dude and was no good well not great and same thing with the gorilla glue … @blackthumb likes blue dream …my self ive had blue dream from several different sources and times and not once have found one that i could say i like more then any strain…its on the same pedestal of train wreck …for some reason they just seem like mediocre levels of thc taste and smell…i wouldnt even qant to try and grow either if i had choice of something else … but over all in my life found one time Dolato its gelato#41 cross woth do si doe all cookie farm origianl genetics came o yout with someof the best most aromatic lavender buds man i would pay good money for dolato seeds or a clone


And when ppl say certain strains make good extracts or concentrates lol…extracts are made to rev up all factors so i bet i would even like train wreck or blue dream oil…

just got these the skunk og cart is one of the best ones yet…just killed an LA Confidential cart really didnt like the taste this ones funkkkyyy tho…havent opened the vacc. Sealed half of blue berry muffins yet will let you know in a few :wink:


I’m jealous I used to be able to get theses but moved to a non legal state…:{


Only Blue Dream I’ve had, I’ve grown myself. And it’s tremendous! I plan on keeping it in my tent, at all times

I am not up on weed trends, so pardon me if I like something that you perceive as being trendy. I’m also not a mindless contrarian. If I like it, I like it b/c I like it, not b/c somebody tells me I should. Similarly, I won’t hate something just b/c it’s perceived as being popular; that’s just asinine.

I have grown gorilla glue, and I agree, it wasn’t amazing; got it as a freebie seed.
Never had trainwreck.

Thanks. Have a nice day.


Right now im bouncing between gelato and gold leaf and white widow. I cant say i have a fav and why i like many different strains for different reasons


My fav period is Diesel. A good Sour D and im :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: they flavor m, the high, the lunglosage… everything!

But blueberrys are awesome as well. And i grew a Purple Trainwreck that is hands down the best smoke ive grown. (That n berry bomb)


I like them all . I LOVE to grow .
And I can say LSD looks good.
And GC. Too.:drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


So many strains, so little time!


The two favorite strains since growing have been Jack Herer & purple Haze. I like the higher energy stuff. I’m waiting for my latest harvest of Bruce Banner, so I may be updating my pick :grin:


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