What's Your Favourite Strain to Smoke & Why


I vaporize my Mary Jane and prefer a variety of strains to medicate appropriately. Gold Leaf, Chronic Widow, GSC-x, Train Wreck, CA Dream, AK-47, Fire OG and GG#4 great ones sampled from ILGM seeds, many more on my “to do” list. Fun to make different blends to suit occasion.

Tell me about your cannabis mix?

I like mixing Green Valley Kush & Headcheese occasionally @boardsbird My favorite strain for insomnia is the Headcheese. Usually get over THC of 25% and Myrcene in the 20’s to 30’s. Kush’s I seem to gravitate to for again my insomnia. Another fav is Mango Kush. These strains are all from dispensaries’. Excited about growing my own soon…


Ditto! I want to develop a relationship with my plant Shaman. She shows me so much. I want to see all her sides, at least once, likely manny many times.


I like ur enthusiasm. Its fresh, it kinda makes me wanna get something done! Ya!!


Get it done ya!!


Cinderella 99


That’s a tough question! I dab a lot, kind of getting back into weed. Stopped for a while, the weed that was coming thru was making me ill. But anyway back to your question, lol, Iove any indica…I like Lemon Bubba…great lemony taste(of course) and nice body high, makes going to sleep easier.


Out of likes for 4 hours :sweat_smile:


Gotta throw my 2 cents in. Amnesia haze for daytime & crystal for nite time. Downside of crystal is she makes you Hungry! I like variety as well and since i use the crystal for tinctures i love the bananna kush also for nite time.


is dab what I called hash oil back a billion years ago ?
J68 :face_with_monocle:


Does anyone remember the strain hydro that was good back in high school days lol


Holy moly great topic. Now, I’ve never met a strain I didn’t like.
My local Sour Diesel phenotype used to take the cake. I used to go between it and a local Bubba Kush pheno.

Then in 2017, I discovered ILGM. Pineapple & Purple Hazes immediately replaced the previous two favorites. I won Oct BOM with my Purple Haze that year. At that time I also developed an affinity for Gold Leaf.

Fast Forward 2018. A gifted Gorilla Glue seed & the LA Confidential I chose as my BOM prize turn out to be the stand outs for last season. I also doubled down on the Pineapple & Purple in 2018.

This season’s grow is set to be 11 new strains & 1 Gorilla Glue.


I guess, I used to make BHO…Butane Hash Oil…


I haven’t tried that strain, so I had to go look it up. Interesting! Now it is on the bucket list.


I have 17 strains growing now hoping for one strain a day lol


She doesn’t disappoint.


Dang it boy,

For me, I would have to have a smoke journal to keep from forgetting where I started.
17 strands… Nice job! :sunglasses:


Had some afghan back in the day that was purple and was the stickiest weed
I’ve even seen till this day.


far out !..my next grow are 5 x Afghani Autos, was it a worthwhile smoke ? ( i got my sticky fingers crossed)


Great topic @GreenCoat, thanks for the tag.

While all of the four strains that I have grown and smoked (WW, GL, PH, SSH), must say that Super Silver Haze for daytime and White Widow for evening. Both taste great in the vape with lasting effects.

No, I take it back, just tried some GL and PH, they are now my favorites! LOL

All four have been wonderful and I find myself thinking that the strain in my vape, at the moment, is my favorite. Really looking forward to trying the Blue Haze which will get chopped three days from now.