What's Your Favourite Strain to Smoke & Why


Forever a fan of 2.
Old School- LA Confidential
New School-Blue Dream
Very honorable mention is Cherry :cherries: Pie.


Send you a pic but tent is closed till 8am😀


Lol I need to get the gg4 to flower. My God she’s so big now. She’s up to my chest in height.


I have Blue Dream in flower as we speak! I love that strain.


Man the smell taste & smoke :dash:


I have one bluedream given to me as a promo. i really wanna grow her soon!!! Why cant i have a 100 foot green house to grow everything i want…


I feel you on that.


I have been smoking illicitly attained med pot here for the last 4 years and of that I have liked the girl scout cookies, sweet cherry pie, and gorilla glue but am not confident in the person’s growing expertise. I can’t wait to try some of the stuff in the seed case over the next couple of years.


I’ve really been enjoying my outdoor Big Bud. I had low expectations for it - it’s mostly indica and I expected a couch lock experience. But it’s restful and euphoric at the same time. I can go heavy on it and still read a novel or play guitar. It’s just a great all arounder. Taste is piney and fresh as well out of my vape.

I also love OG Kush for a later evening relaxation. It’ll knock me on my butt and reading is out of the question but I can watch TV or listen to music. And the sleep… oh yeah.


Currently I’m fond of kosher kush it gets me high and I like the way it makes me feel.


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The gf has only smoked some white rhino , which she liked , all the rest has been unknown bag seed, so she looking forward to this harvest in a few months


@GreenCoat what’s your fav since u started the thread :sunglasses:.


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White rhino as its the ONLY strain ive had :cold_sweat: but i do like it, ive just got nothing else to compare it to. But thats about to change… bring on the mix grow of Autos for the next few grows after the cherrypie & blueberry.


For the pain and a sleep aid i love the lsd and the la confidential for a great sociable smoke and good meds also im kind of stuck on the blue dream have a couple in 2nd week of flower as we speak come on week 10 lol


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At the moment, ILGM Grandaddy purple. It smells and tastes amazing.


Chronic Widow at the moment . Subject to change very soon .