What's Your Favourite Strain to Smoke & Why


I have a bunch of green crack seeds on the way. Can’t wait to start over lol


Im interested to hear what @raustin think is best.
Im happy to have my critical purple. I have to say though i dont like the dispensary weed i have smoked over the years.


Girl Scout cookies was a low yielder, but phenomenal effects.
I’m a sativa by day, and an indica by night kind of person. I really loved OG Kush, and I’m growing another one now. (Fire OG) and I know I’ll raide the fridge, and then go to sleep, but the euphoric experience is top notch.

I have a soft spot for creative strains, and energetic strains. My least favorite effect is making me go to sleep when it’s not time. I’m looking into getting Malawi for morning dosages. Supposedly it’s cannabis cocaine!


I just got some Grape Marmalade from the new dispensary here. It was very tasty. It was a sativa. Gave me quite the up lifted high with no crash at all. But so far the one I liked the best from ILGM was the Blue Cheese I grew this past summer.


@GreenCoat Hey fam so my is kosher kush it’s jst too nice the flavour are too nice and it got a real good body hi also a head hi not heavy jst rite also peyote cookie is a good one good taste the hi is chillin but to be frank any thing that is grow good and smokes rite is blessd


Does anyone mix their strains for vaping after grinding (Deathstar/GG#4) (Durban Poison/Bluedream)
Started mixing to normalize THC levels and now I mix for taste


Im a big fan of variety. If I’m going to be active I smoke a mix of purple haze and Bubblegum. If I’m looking to relax eating Granddaddy purple is my go to. The best tasting and smelling is King Tut. Loads of happy energy but makes me very forgetful.


have 2 CPA 's be done soon @DoobieNoobie will get a taste for sure


I’m a big fan of Jenny Kush & Jack Herer. Jenny Kush makes some amazing Concentrates as well :100:


I used to mix strains making shatter to balance sativa & Indica along with certain flavors


I’m not much of a smoker, lol. I do prefer sativas. I’m growing for my wife who suffers from anxiety, depression and insomnia. She has a counter full of big pharma that she’s supposed to take every day. Weed helps her symptoms more than the entire cocktail of pills she’s supposed to take.


Jack hair pink kush og kush any kush it’s my Type getting high as fu…k hit hard long lasting


To parrot a few here I like Sativa in the morning and Indica in the evening. I do love me some GG.


I’m really a fan of Pineapple Haze but like most, after work I start to mix and match leaning heavy on the indica’s. Gorilla Glue is delicious, smells wonderfull and makes me sleep like a baby.


I vape with a mix of Northern Lights and Moroccan Hashish :zap::rainbow:


That sounds good! I can’t wait for that Maui wowie you have. I heard it smells like juicy fruit gum.


I haven’t smoked more than 4 strains haha…
Northern lights: to strong for me I get paranoid, smoked it in a joint so really don’t know the flavour.
Sour tangeri, love the citrus flavour! Best smoke I’ve had flavor wise love it! Smoked It at night though and had to go light or it was to strong and I got inside my head to much. Would try again during the day in the summer if I had yard work to do.
Balanced* earthy taste, for only 8% thc sativa and 8% cbd it really got in my head as did it the SO we both didn’t like it, hate the earthy taste.

Campfire 4.5%THC, 7%CBD only smoked it once was not bad had an alright taste and definitely sativa leaning hybrid but didn’t make me get paranoid and inside my head. I have a gram left so I’ll finish it and get a better idea of how it is yet.

Walk the dog* aka Warlock CBD. So far my favorite it’s a Indicia leaning hybrid 15% thc 1%-10% cbd tastes not bad sorta sour sweet and the high is like a tingle all over my body very light as if relaxing and not to the point of couch lock or making you sleep was wicked for Netflix and video games.
Really helped me relax at the end of the day because I have mild OCD and sativas tend to enhance my OCD I like the idea of sativas but I think I need to be in my yard in the summer or out for a walk or something where I don’t get stuck inside my house fixing little tiny things that don’t mean anything haha.

Personally I won’t smoke something if it doesn’t taste good in vaperizor, if it tastes gross I’m not interested haha

Ps @GreenCoat thanks for the Tag man!


4 weeks and the cure so two months aww I want it now


Hahah right!


I will throw Romulan in the mix for it’s excellent flavor and relaxed high. It is one of my old favorites and a beautiful bud to look at as well.