What's your favorite ways on hash making and use?

I’ve watched alot of videos and read alot on the forums about hash but still have some questions…

Do you smoke the hash like we did back in the day?

  1. Pipe or on a safety pin under a small glass?.. Lol
  2. Press into resin and do dabs?
    3} Keefe for edibles?
  3. capsules?
  4. what’s better drysift, or bubble?

I like doing dabs but it makes my tolerance too high and I can’t get high on anything else😳 and love smoking flower… The smell, and taste sometimes is the best and the buzz is just a perk.
I’d like to smoke less than I do now partly why I like dabs. I’m just waiting to know what others are doing and adopting some methods to do myself. Thanks in advance!!
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I shake kief as part of butter making and my wife’s reserve haha. She prefers to bong it because it’s so smooth and floral. I have a dab pipe that we’ll sometimes bust out and run some kief in it as well.

I shake kief with a 73 micron (1 gallon) bag, dry ice and $1.50 in quarters tossed in. Freeze the flower to be used, dump in bag as is (try not to grind) or at worst loosely hand broken up. Add some dry ice , 6 quarters and shake over a sheet of glass/mirror or similar. I scrape each ‘shake’ into a pile and leave it to shake more. When the color starts to change from gold to green is the time to stop. You can then press this or smoke as is.

The leftovers get placed in the oven with additional flower and trim, decarbed then used to make butter in a crock pot with coconut oil and lecithin. I will eventually then make brownies from that. So far it’s worked out very well and I run out of butter about the time I need to shake more kief.


I’m going to try that with this next run, sounds like a good plan. I like the edibles completely different buzz. Comparing quantities of what’d you’d smoke (flower) vs making hash Hash is more?

My method is identical to Myfriendis410 absent the quarters. I use a 1 gallon bubble hash bag as well.

The plant matter that doesn’t make it through the sieve still has resin on it. I decarb mine in the oven as well, but my by-product goes into tea bags and I make tea from the remnants. It’s actually pretty good and it give you a very nice, level high.


I use a 5 gal bag over a 3 gal bucket with dry ice. Works great. I’ve had over 5 oz off of trim

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5 gal bag over sheet of plex I glass window insert


I hope mid/late January I’ll be ready … :grin::grin: Thanks for sharing guys!