What's your favorite carbon filter?

i think it all depends on the size of your tent. it hasn’t been an issue in my others but this 2x2 is only 4 feet tall- different ballgame

I have a 60x60x80 and I will be using an 8’’ in line fan carbon filter

Our tent bundle Include the following Item:

  1. 60" x 60" x 80" Grow tent

  2. 8" Inline Fan 800 CFM W/Variable Speed Control ( Variable - Full- Off)

  3. 8" x 24" 710 CFM Carbon Filter

  4. 8" x 25’ Alum Ducting ( with clamps 2PC)

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kinda weird they include an undersized filter

Digital Grow filters are 99.5% effective at removing odors, organic compound and airborne particulates. Hydroponic farming filters have a sturdy housing and are made from 100% virgin activated carbon with an estimated lifespan of 18 months.

1. Durable rust resistant housing

2. 99.5% effective rate

3. Horizontal or vertical usage

4. 100% virgin activated carbon

5. Built in flange

Carbon Filter Spec:

  • 8" x 24" 710 CFM

8" Inline Fan Spec: W/Variable Speed Control ( Variable - Full- Off)

  • Volt/Phase: 120V/60Hz
  • Power Input: 138W
  • Amperage: 1.15A
  • RPM: 2580
  • CFM: 800
  • Noise DB:70
    This is the product that I purchased. I will be sure to let you know how it works once I get up and running, if you would like.

I also have a 2x2x6.5 feet Box using a infinity 4" fan. I only connect the filter when the Plant goes into Flower any other time it is used as an Exhaust fan

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It took a while but I finally heard back from Ipower, they are sending me a new filter. I’m still middle of the road on their filters and their customer service. We’ll see if they can redeem themselves.


You hope with a product like carbon filter that you don’t really need customer service. There’s not really any moving parts to fail or be installed wrong. So if you need to use customer service, I’d say it better be damn good.


more like customer service = how fast will you refund my money


I had zero luck with ipower customer service when I received 2 tents with light leaks galore and zippers that didn’t like to move.


I’m officially done with ipower. The second filter didn’t work at all. Bought a “G Hydro” brand filter and so far it’s doing what it’s supposed to do.


G-Hydro is what I have too in the 4" variety. I’m hoping they will be good enough.


Updating my original thread. I switched over to Terrabloom. they were great until they weren’t. they’re all failing 3/4 through my grow. I didn’t have them hooked up for the first weeks of veg. No humidifiers once they were hooked up. I emailed them so now we’re going to see how good their warranty and customer service is. I’m just bummed because I thought I found a good brand.


Hopefully their customer service comes through for you. Getting a carbon filter that works at a reasonable price shouldn’t require this much effort on the consumer’s part!


right?? honestly, hanging and attaching these things is my most hated part of the grow. it’s tedious. mid grow it’s just a monster PITA. they did reach out to me already with some questions and they want to call me to “discuss options”. ??


If it comes down to it, remind them that bad publicity travels a lot faster than good publicity!


they even called me today. i missed it and they wrote me a long email. they offered to refund my money completely but they wanted to run the numbers and all for my space and see if it all makes sense. my tents aren’t that big and they should clear the smell. we’ll see. but they’re super responsive.


Lets hope the step up and do right by you.


i just want them to work. i HATE hanging filters. and now mid grow… eeehhhh.

I put my stuff on the top outside of my tent, makes it much easier if I need to change or adjust something. Being that it is only 4’ tall I gained valuable headroom in it as well…