Whats your bucket list strain and why?

So let’s have em ,all those dream strains that everyone wishes they could get their hands on ,or even a strain you’d like to create/breed yourself!



A strain that has stabilized partial albinoism I know they grow smaller due to all the white being useless for photosynthesis but I hear nothing beats the cleaness of a pure white bud (perhaps one the tastes of strawberry candy and is energetic and euphoric)


Oh this one is easy. Bittersweet nostalgia and all- my dad (USN) came back from 'Nam talking about Chocolate Thai.
“That’s cool and all dad,but I am having issues between Gray and Grey. 1st grade(1978) is hard…”

SL out.


This is a copy and paste of my personal wish list

Charlotte web Stanley Brother’s original from Dutch Passion
Angel (web x red angel)
Black cherry cheese cake
Head banger
11 roses
Concrete shoes
Gorilla glue
Sky walker OG
Ghost OG( most frost )
Purple kush Sonoma seeds
Zskittles ILGM
Gelato ILGM
Komodo breath
Vader OG
Acidic kush
Primal Punch
Unicorn poop
Crown og
Super lemon haze
Bubblicious Cookies

This is a list of favorite cultivars ,from some of the best growers I know

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I got to try some Pancake Ice , Pinkman Goo, Midnight Mass, Tarmonster, The White ,Starkiller, Khalifa Kush and some Slurricane!

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My dad’s afghan kush from the Humboldt area in the 90s. I have his journals but no seeds🥺


Would love to have some smooth smoke that leaves a menthol tingle in the back of my throat. It’s a hallmark of some awesome pure God given pleasure.

I want to grow some Hippie Crippler just because of the name.


I would like to try the strains that Willie Nelson talks about. I believe that he has created a strain just for him. Another strain that would be nice to grow would be the Snoop Dog strain. I would like to try and grow these cause of the hoop la you hear. :rofl: :bat:

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I have been scouring the internet for some seeds to grow one called 99 problems…anyone have any experience with it? Supposed to be sativa dominant and nearly 30%thc

Two strains I have tried and can’t seeds for yet:

Snoop’s Dream
Bob Ross

Because, well Snoop and Bob. But they were really nice strains.


These are my top 3

Girl Scout Cookies
Skywalker OG
Banana Kush

Is Snoop’s Dream aka Green Crack?

A 70/30 Indica strain.

I accidentally let my purple Kush pollinate my purple Haze. Does anyone know what the resulting strain is? Or what the properties will be like?


Welcome to ILGM forum. I just responded to your question on another thread. It’s best not to ask the same question on multiple threads. :+1:

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Didnt know there was already a thread ,i had looked but not seen one …guess i should look better next time ,thanks dognuts!

Yes the resulting child is a combination of genes, kushs tend to be heavy euphoric ,and hazes tend to be speedy fun highs, so all in all you’ll get a relatively balanced fun time

I’m crossing Super Lemon Haze and Orange Bud. Hope to result in being pain free and awake.

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There is something we called christmas tree skunk when i was young. Always showed in winter. So sticky would stick to fingers. Pine smell was overwhelming. GREEN as all getout. Super stony…for then. Never found out strain. Back then it was how many red hairs. Is it sense? How many seeds. How many stems and that lid better be 5 fingers for my 25 bux. If it is awesome…4 fingers works. If anyone remembers this stuff and knows strain please let me know. Ill turn over every rock looking for it.