Whats wrongwith my babies?



What do you mean by this? Sorry not much help. I dont kno hydroponics.


I’m sorry, I guess I’m facebookin?
I assumed you had read earlier post where someone asked me to


Yes. He askd you to fill out a slip. Procedure so to speak and a good baseline on what u know and dont know and where the problems may start. And i think i get what you were saying. Ud like him to point (copy n pasted) at the issues in your support ticket. Gotcha if so. But like i said im a hydro guy AT ALL. Dont want to steer you incorrectly. But i do believe that pH is a tad high. Most hydro grows i see the range is 5.2-5.9. Ur around soil pH ranges


I agree with purp. Hydro is a tad lower than soil


I just got ph down below 6, my test unit is for pools but have a digital coming!
Water temp is 68, humidity 68 room temp 72
I also have a heater and co2 coming

Thanks for all the help, sure I’ll need more.
May start a new test as soon as I get some tap roots from my germinating seeds