What's wrong with this seedling


What’s wrong with this seedling…bout 2 weeks old. It’s in ffoc and some extra perlite…they all look normal but this one.


Possible genetic defect
Are there roots coming out of the bottom of your cups ? @Kyliegirl146


No not yet. Its two different kind of seeds but this ones leaves are strange. Never saw any plant like it. I guess I should leave it and see what happens? Just thought maybe somebody had a plant that looked like that one


Sounds like a good plan she looks healthy over all


She’s healthy they all are one started out slow, but fine now. That’s bubble kush. All the leaves are the same shape but this one has long stems and it popped right away and rooted right away.


Fast starter nothing wrong with that you may be surprised in the end
I have a wwa that i started 7 days ago had to transplant to bigger pot cause roots just exploded out of the cups
Started 7 others at the same time they are good in starter cups
Every plant is different
Ill be around should you need anything just tag me
Put @ symbol in front of my user name like i did above


Thank you hun. I’ll put pictures up and tag you maybe u’ll have some advice. I usually do hydroponics but I tried soil with my granddaughters strawberry kiwi plants.


Oh ok cool @Kyliegirl146
I grow in soil myself
Anyway im around if you need anything :wink:


@Countryboyjvd1971 I have a question. I have three plants that need to b feed. They have been in ocean forest from ff for five weeks. What ff product do I use, the chart don’t help bc it’s using nutes from a week old and I didn’t. Im waiting for a exhaust fan but I posted pictures. I leave tent open some at top for fresh cooler air.Can u help me?



What size containers are those??


Four gallon. They’ve been transplanted. Just need to feed them