What's wrong with this plant?

A question from a fellow grower:

Question- what’s wrong with this plant? I have flower mass and grow booster how to apply? Why not budding? Thanks…

She looks stress!! Whatnutes u giving her? Is she ak47?

Or too much heat on da plant!!

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is this a male or female from what i see from pics i see i think its a herm im not sure as iive never grown before if its a female or herm how long roughly tell its ready for harvest?

Hey there. I see a few things wrong, you need more dirt in that pot it looks only 1/2 full. What is PH of the water your useing?
What kinda nutes you useing, if any? What is your light schedule?
There s a support ticket in the beginner area you can copy/ paste it here and fill it out. That would help a lot. Your plant is stressed like they said. For the stress could be heat, ph or nute burn. As for not budding, It could be male can’t see it close enough, what strain is it? As for the nutes you have, you can find info on how to use, here in the guide or BLOG section.


This plant looks root bounded to me from my experience .

Is it possible to re-pot the plant in a bigger pot with more soil? That would be a good start. How old is the plant? I’m sure the experts will be along to give more advice.

From what I’ve seen with my widow plant , it was root bound and my lower leaves looked the same way this plant looks like in photo . A plant that tall should be in a 5 gallon or bigger to be more healthy growing . That’s a long way up to circulate nutrients from small roots ?

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