What's wrong with this plant maybe lighting?

I’m using 300 watt led
Water with 1 tablespoon molasses per gallon
Temps are 78-80 and humidity is 50-55 day and night
Humidifier in tent
Have vent fan
Strain is white widow

Looks like you got some water or fertilizer on the lower leaves.
If those are touching the dirt you should either move out some soil or trim those leaves off. Leaves touching the ground is bad. Goes for lots of plants, especially tomatoes.
And welcome to the forum @KC21

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Thanks for the welcome. Yeah leaves arent touching dirt, Its my first grow so I’m learning.
So what you think should be done from here, maybe flush?

what’s your watering schedule? I have had small plants like that do the same when I didn’t water for a day.

I water every other day depending on how heavy the pot is, if it’s got weight I’ll go 3 days

Why add molasses at this stage?

Idk someone said it helps root growth so I believed them. Is it too early for molasses?

Idk only thing i heard it helps the buds trichoms increase, and people add it in the blooming phase…

Ok yeah, this plants only 3 weeks old lol. Thinking I just stick to water every 3 days see if goes back normal. Will I stunt it if I cut the browning leaves?

That leaf won’t go to normal… But isn’t a problem in itself either…

Ok so just let it go see what happens. Also I’m growing in organic slow release medium. Under amara hydro so 3000 in 4×2. Have light turned down to lowest setting. Any thoughts or am I worried for nothing?

you are woried for your lady which is far from nothing but that leaf i wouldnt worry too much. i had a similar leaf in this grow but never found the issue it never caused me any problems…

i was however surprised about the appearance of your leafs in general they look healty but i wonder where that strong perfile is coming from… maybe genetics?

@outdooring is correct. Damage to leaves is permanent so watch the new growth to see how you are doing.
Also molasses is a supplement used to feed the natural bacteria in the soil. It need not be done at every watering. Usually done later in the plants life as your soil should be fine at the beginning.

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