What's wrong with this picture and howto fix

Looks like an auto at 16 days. If not, looks like you’re on your way to a nice big feminized plant.

Bring the pH up to 5.8 or so. None or light nutes for 10-14 days and watch the pH going in like a hawk. I can’t remember who on this forum uses ProMix maybe @Countryboyjvd1971. If not, he can surely point you in the right direction @harry1

Thanks…wondering if anyone here uses Earth Juice products.

Looks a bit stunted, even for 16 days. I’d put my light a little further away, make it stretch.

U have bigger issues than light. It’s either a deficiency or a toxicity but those yellow and brown leaves at this stage tell u your plant is unhappy. Your ph in soil needs to run 6.3-6.8. That is usually the issue and without fixing ph nutes won’t work anyway.

Looks like nute burn.