What's wrong with this picture and howto fix

3 week old Royal Gorilla showing yellow around the edges with brown spots in the yellow. Can anyone tell me what’s up with that? Using 300w LED. Only some steer manure and dried kelp added to Pro Mix. 6.5 PH.

Looks like pH problems. A lot of guys on the forum will tell you to stay away from cow manure. I’m a soil grower, but the issue I see with that browning at the leaf edge was the same thing that happened to me on my first grow when I had the pH way out of wack. I know with Coco it’s supposed to be around 5.8 @harry1

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Ok, I checked recommended PH and found the 6.5 I have is at the high end of acceptable. I will try to lower it a bit and see what happens. The confusing thing is that the plant right next to it…same medium, same lighting, temp, and humidity looks healthy with no bad edges or brown spots.

I will change the PH on the sick plant and see what happens.


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Nute burn. Steer manure is way too hot. A plant in good soil at three weeks needs nothing but water.


By “hot” you mean…

Hot means the fertilizer is very strong. In your case it means too strong for your young plants.


You might be better off transplanting to another pot with a milder medium and drop the pH to 5.8 and see what happens. I’ve stunted my share of plants especially autos by putting them in a soil that’s way too hot. I mix my own and it is very high in N P and K. I learned to start the seeds in a mild soil with very low nutrients. There are quite a few on this forum that use promix. I’m sure they can point you in the right direction @harry1

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Yeah; the manure has too much of the goodness for the little ones to take. If you were to compost the manure in with other things it would be a great additive but you would be better off following a published nutrient schedule for the media you are using and stick with it. You will end up experiencing all of the nuances that only a grower will get to have (and appreciate!).

Transplanting may be necessary if more of the plant is affected.

Promix IIRC will PH to soil levels as opposed to coco or hydro.

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Good to know about the promix. I thought it had to be at Coco pH. I might try it on the upcoming grow.

Bought this particular manure because it is 30% compost. Obviously still too much manure in the mix. In about a week, I plan to transplant from the current pots…approx 1 quart…to 5 gallon terra cotta pots for veg and flower. I am guessing the plants will will be about 8" tall at that time. Should I leave out the manure mixture from the big pots? Would it still be too soon? Any other advice?



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I agree with skgrower. You should steer right away from manure and especially compost! Haven’t you seen a compost heap steaming? You’ll cook your babies. Stick to NPK. Simple but effective.

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Looks like it was cooked and ph may be off but it looks burnt

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Are yall talking cow manure or compost like black kow? I’ve used black kow with no issues… I have a couple of my girls and veggies growing in it now and no issues.

If you do add any it should be just a small amount. Personally I would get some good all organic fertilizer like “Sea Grow” or something like that contains a good balanced mix of organic nutrients and stick with that.

@Sasquatch he’s using steer manure.

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Well that’s a whole nother kind of Bull … lol

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Figured I’d throw my picture in this thread. Any advice on what you see? This is yellow leaf strain.

Looks pretty healthy. Might be a little low on nitrogen from a low nutrient seed starting soil. Other than that, plant looks ok. There are not enough nodes yet for a regular nutrient schedule if you’re using them. A worm casting tea won’t hurt them.


I transplanted it into a much larger pot. Its root system was enormous and, I think, very healthy looking. Maybe crowded in that smaller pot.

What do you think? I want this grow to go perfectly, so I’m going to be on here bugging you guys all the time lol.

By the way, this is a 16 day old plant. Germinated on 4/5/18.

Ok, transplanted to pure ProMix…no nutes or manure. Gently washed about 80% of the old dirt off with warm water before re-planting. PH now about 5.0 and 3z00 watt LEDs about 26" (first time about 12" to 15") from top of plants. Looks like the newer growth leaves are curing down and tips are brown.

I should:

Chill…roots plants were traumatized by the replanting and roots have not yet re-established themselves in the new media.

  1. Raise the PH .to 5.5 or 6.

3.Add something(what?)

Thanks again,