What's wrong with this auto flower seedling granddaddy purple

My first grow and I’m using happy frog with using fox farm trio @ 1/3 strength for nutes mars hydro TSW 2000 light in a 4x4 tent with excellent air movement. The issue i have is 1 plant is deformed and is continuing to grow that way. i started 4 seeds at same time all treated the same all planted directly into 5 gallon bags all from same bag of dirt. They are 3 weeks old.

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The upper right plant in the last pic has nute burn.

No nutes are needed for at least 4 weeks when using FF Happy Frog. Your plants are small, so the 4 weeks should be extended. Use a PPM meter to manage nutrients. Get yourself a PPM meter and don’t start feeding until the runoff PPM dips below 1,000.

Those 2 prong light/moisture/pH meters are worthless with the exception of measuring relative soil moisture. I suggest looking at Bluelab or Apera pH and PPM meters. The Apera PH60 measures both pH and PPM.


the upper right plant was treated exactly like the others and first nute feeding was a few days ago on its 3rd week birthday germination time not included…the only leaves it has grown properly was the 2 rounds and they came out discolored from the time it was germinated. i can post more photos if you need a better look.

Honestly stuff is just funky sometimes. I’ve had a few weird uglies from seed. It’s all a genetic crapshoot.


Should I grow it or toss itit week 3 autoflower

I wouldn’t worry about it to much it will most likely grow out of it

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Welcome to nature, nothing does the same thing twice! I have 4 plants I started at the same time and 1 is about to be chopped and the other 3 are 2 weeks behind at least. Life… Too many nutes is what I see, if it looks fried its too many nutes, if it looks weak its a defeciency… Flush it with some purified water and CalMag, good flushing, and you should be back in line.


U can try it and leave it just water with distilled or ro water with calmag if needed PhD if u use calmag. I’m sure it will turn out to be something just no nutes for 4 or 5 weeks

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Looks good


4 outer plants are 4 weeks old today upper middle is 1 week and bottom middle just popped out today

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