Whats wrong with this 1 out of 6 plants?!?

Hey guys! This is my first time attempting to grow my own grass so I purchased the blueberry, amnesia haze, and Northern lights auto flowering mix pack. I wasn’t expecting this much of a successful rate in the beginning stages for what I had. I started with 7 seeds all started off great germinating, popped em in the soil and all sprouted just fine. Then one of the Northern lights died out of no where witch left me with 6. Now im on week 4 of the growing process and for some reason right before I did the transplant to switch to a bigger pot of soil last week one of the blueberry plants leafs started to curl up and it just looks like it has a disease or something but I can’t figure out what it could be! Ph level is at 7 it’s getting plenty but not to much of nutrients and water. And I keep the grow lights on for 18 hrs a day. I’ve did the same thing to every plant same amount of soil water and light per plant but one is being a stubborn girl! Ha what’s new! Lol jk folks

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I’ve had some of my blueberries start out funky like that. They eventually grew out of it.


not every seed hatches. not every plant turns out big n healthy. some just bad batch of genetics. nobodies fault…just how growing from seed is.


That’s it in a nutshell.


Thanks for the input guys. It’s still a lil funky looking but seems to be growing out of it. I also recently discovered my ph balance is a lil to high also so I purchased some ph up and down with ph meter to level things out a bit then were golden! I’ll post an updated pic after I get everything balanced out for a good solid week

They will replace that seed np if you purchased it from ilgm