What's wrong with my seedlings?

My seedling is two weeks old. Not sure what’s wrong with it. Any tips please?Uploading: IMG_20200628_171333.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20200628_171320.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20200628_171423.jpg…

Your pics didn’t load.
You have to wait for the check mark to appear at the bottom of screen before hitting reply.

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Can you see now?

@Rosamond. Yes. There now but blue light masks the true colours.
Always try to take pics in natural light for diagnosis.
Maybe a support ticket filled out to tell us a bit more info.


Strain; came in high yeld mix bag fem

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?
System type? Soil: compost, perlite, peat moss, vermiculite

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? N/A but pH test says it’s 6.8

What is strength of nutrient mix? N/A

Indoor or Outdoor
Light system, size? Indoor tent

Temps; Day, Night 20°c night 25°c day

Humidity; Day, Night day 50-60% night 40%

Ventilation system; Yes


Co2; Yes tap

From what I can tell from the pics it may be the compost is a bit hot.
Compost varies from one to another so makes it difficult to say exactly.
Thanks for the new pics.
Did you start them in the big pots ?
Or transplant into them. ?

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Transplanted them today but used the same soil around it as it was in and still in the fabric seed pod. Do you think it’s getting too much light? Using a 450w led light 70cm away from plant.

Your light is a bit close. Maybe raise it to 24 in.
( another 20 cm more. )
Seedlings don’t require very much light.
And how often and how much water are you giving them ?
Too wet will cause yellowing as well as ph being off a bit.
And too. They could be ready for a light feeding.

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Ok just adjusted the lighting thanks.

Watering once soil isn’t damp with a spray bottle.

Ph is 6.8% still.

It’s on veg lights at the moment.

Haven’t been giving nutriants yet.

Should I cut the dead looking leaves?

No. Don’t take any leaves off. Way too small.
If they’re no better in a couple days then a VERY light feed with nutes may be in order.
Just enough to say they had some.
1/4 of recommended dosage on bottle or package.
Again. Not sure what’s in your compost.
If you dont have a digital ph pen or tds / ppm meter they are both a good idea to pick up.
The drops and strips for ph aren’t accurate enough for our purposes.

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What nutes would you suggest?

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I use general hydroponics one part mixes.
The flora nova gro and bloom.
There’s also many others but these are relatively cheap.
Bout 20$ ea. 1 liter size.
Their cal mag might be a good idea to pick up for later too.

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