What's wrong with my seedling?

What’s wrong with this seedling, was under aquarium light for few days after sprouting but I thought it looked like it was stretching so put it under 80 true watt LED light and after few days it’s done this. Only fed rain water so far

It’s stretching to get the best light and got top heavy it is safe to support it with a straw and twist tie I always suggest leaving in peat pellets till roots are visible. This gives you less odds of over watering dries and breathes better also you can bury more of the stem on first transplant.

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There was a big root hanging out the side of peat pellet so I put it in a pot :slight_smile:

you want them coming out the bottom :stuck_out_tongue: I even leave the little girls in pellets until they look like they want to walk to the pots :wink:

it looks healthy just needs a little support also let the soil dry out a bit more and water from the bottom you want your roots to head down in hunt of water

Ok will try that, I thought best to get the roots out of the light! It is now supported. Why do you think it may have stretched, would the aquarium light have been insufficient? I thought it would come right under the 80w led, it’s now under 45 true watt led but the led is much closer than it was

light may have been wrong spectrum who knows for sure and you can wrap side of pellet in aluminum foil and the light isn’t as intense so they don’t tend to show adverse reaction

Nothing is wrong with that seedling. The reason it is leaning over, is due to you not having a lamp right on top of it when it sprouted; So, it is reaching for light and stem got too long to support the top.

A small fan should also be placed immediately after seed sprouts in order to build up stem strength.

I am sure both things would have prevented this. NO worries. Get a small fan blowing it gently (you just want enough air to see that seedling is vibrating in the air)

Seedling should be fine after stem strengthens up. :slight_smile:

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