Whats wrong with my seedling?

A question from a fellow grower:

These two seedlings are getting the same light. But one has its leaves curling. What could be causing this? Over watering? The first two photos are of the curling. The third is the healthy plant.

That looks like a possible reaction to the PH or PPM level of your medium; Assuming you started seeds in those cups;

If you transplanted; It could be due to minor root damage, and the plant will grow out of it.

Address these potential issues.

The dirt used is also exactly the same in both plants. I had transplanted them from a larger container as soon as the sprouted. There wasn’t much of a root system at the time. And it has sprouted up fine until a day ago when the leaves started to suddenly curl.

Could it just be a weak plant and needs something the other doesn’t? Conditions and materials are exactly the same for both.

Light or just genetics - when leaves curl it means light source is to close light burn starting signs of

Once again; You have given us no info to have the ability to help you.

it does not matter if the soil is the same in both or all plants…It matters as to why the plants are dying in that soil.

True enough. Even though you think the conditions might be the same because they are getting the same soil doesn’t necessarily mean they really are getting he same thing. You haven’t even given us the type of soil or any actual details about anything else.

The type of soil and pH and TDS conditions would give us the most insight. There is a chance light or heat could be a culprit. And sometimes, you never know, even with the best of seeds and genetics, exactly how those genetics will express themselves when growing from seed, and so some seeds, even from the same strain may show more sensitivity to pH or TDS than another seed from the same batch.

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Actually I think It was the light. I raised it to 2 feet above the plants and they seem to be doing better. They had just started to yellow. My dirt is some organic soil I don’t remember the name of. However I’ve switched to fox farm The ocean organic mix for the transplant into the permanent pot.