Whats wrong with my plants?

I have been growing for 3 years and have never ran into this…they have one point leaves coming out and some 2 and 2 piont leaves. i have 2 banana kush one Is like this and the other is normal. I have never seen this happen. Will they be ok?

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Side note. These are feminized and outdoors. I just got back from vacation so i clearly need to pick trim around the base and clean it up.

Its called Genetics. You will never control how a seed will grow. I have had leaves with just 3 to 15. I have had them small to bigger than a baseball mitt.

I have been growing 4 years and I have seen some crazy things in my grows and posted here.


Thank you I’m hoping. I have heard they can grow out of it but i just wonder if the buds will look strange as well…


It should be just fine. I have to grow indoors so I have seen some strange growth. The two plants I am growing was fun. Planted the same time and everything else. The back plant was super small. The front was about 1,000,000 times bigger. I am not exaggerating either. The back one now has super fan leaves and almost caught up in size.

The front is still growing but seems kinda stalled from starting to produce flowers.


There is literally no way you saw 1,000,000 times difference in growth. Any reasonable person knows that, yet you claimed that is not an exaggeration. Therefore, I stand by my assessment. I posted in jest but since there does not seem to be a way to dispute the flag, I will delete the post.
I am sorry you took personal offense to what was meant as a joke among friends but your reply is in fact no less offensive. However, I am not so easily triggered (nor ignorant) and will not flag it, as I could, and for the same reasons you did. :nerd_face: :snowflake:
Happy growing and I sincerely hope you grow, literally, 1,000,000 lbs of primo weed in your lifetime.


I have also been researching and it looks like they may have started to go back into the veg state. Im hoping they come out of it and grow well.

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@CandT82 It does look strange. Last year I had a plant that I harvested some buds (outdoor) in June. Didn’t know at the time it was an auto flower. When I took off the buds, I left the plant intact. two weeks later I started getting weird leaves like the pictures in yours. The plant grew a little more and put more buds on in September. Maybe it was just some kind of genetic anomaly.


That is a good idea. May29th autos outside. Making flowers already. Maybe pluck the buds when they get here
Grow more we have the time @VF @HMGRWN

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For now, until I up my skills I’m sticking to one giant harvest of photos, pushed to their biological limit. Under the sun for seven months start to finish. After a few more grows I’ll probably set up indoors for three harvests. Hopefully it’ll work hand in hand to augment my summer garden.

Don’t know where you are @spudeater65. Down here we get mighty spoiled by the long season. Happy growing.

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@MrPeat @HMGRWN @VF northern IL. Last year we grew a WesternGrail She-Hulk Planted July 3 Oct. 13th This year got 2 auto’s popping buds small right now. they went in the ground as seedlings May 29th


You are lucky as we are going to get pummelled with 2” in less than 24 hours.

Seems like a tough climate to outdoor grow in.

It’s surprising how indica strains hold up in that kind of climate and weather.

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