What's wrong with my plants?


Yellow tips are usually due to over fertilization


I’ve just been giving it water


So your saying just transplant it into like a 3 or 5 gallons pot now while in the flowing stages. Will that kill the plant and shock it


More saying, if you’re going to transplant, use a bigger container. I thought you were thinking of transplanting. Sorry if I read the post wrong.


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Hey guys, first time indoor grow going. I have been playing with set up , lighting, ventilation Etc. Trying to get consistent temps and results. Anyways, these seeds sprouted over three weeks ago and I only have 1 to 2 inches of growth going. I have started to feed with general organics grow box Nutes . I am using an all organic soil and water with reverse osmosis with pH of 6.5. They are underneath and eight bulb T5 fixture. I will be transplanting out of the solo cup soon into a 1 gallon smart pots. Is it normal for seedlings to be this size and color at this stage three weeks after sprouting? Also I have many vegetables such as peppers tomatoes etc. in the same tent as my plants. Is this taking away from oxygen and other things from my girls?


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theres brown spots that appeared on my plants leaves. these plants are about a week or two old, the growth has seemed pretty slow and stunted. the plants were definitely overwatered while very young, one plant looks fine except the first two leaves are yellow on both plants. on one plant, the biggest two leaves turned splotchy and brown. theyre dry and hard to the touch and are brittle and will crack apart. is this from overwatering or something else? right now i have one small florencent grow lamp over both plants but will soon upgrade to a 300w LED. Both have been grown indoors, one seems mostly healthy but the other seems like its about to die. please help asap, the seeds are feminized ak47 (non-autoflower).


Let them dry out overwatering them at a young age could have produced root problems starting to drown them


Hi man.
I would like to know wahats happening with my plants
How I post photo???



And. What’s the solutions???


Magnesium def or tox by the looks. Depends what youve been doing. More info please. Ph? Feeding schedule? Nute?


(Maybe mag def or tox. Not certain)


Could also be a overwatering problem.


Hope any of this helps


I’m hoping someone can help me. My plants are in the bud stage and something is eating the roots. What do I do. Bumming out. Outside grow, don’t know strain.


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Hi all

This is my second grow as i have one plant flowering in another box.

The back left two are from seeds and the other four from clones. Are these four flowering? They sure like it to me. Maybe they are auto-flowering?