What's wrong with my plants?


Spray bottle in my opinion is the most effective way of raising humidity


@Majiktoker It just doesn’t hold. Comes down as fast as it goes up. Don’t really understand it. Could I have too many lights for size of closet? 8x100 (23)watt bulbs. 6 of them are 5000k and 2 are 2700k and room is 24x48x70 inches


Did you try to hang a couple damp not wet towels above lights bro you have a lot of room in your picture ( right now anyway) might help maintain humidity
just make sure your not dripping on lights then you could mist the towels to keep them damp ? Or maybe a tray of water under bench your girls are on I know when I leave water in my run off pans my humidity spikes


Going to transplant into 5 gal buckets tonight and won’t be on bench anymore. And yeah plenty of room for now :joy: Prob keep misting and see how humidifier works, kinda dry in the house anyway due to wood stove.


Yeah wood stove will dry you out like crazy I have one also
Hope humidifier works out for you then but I’m running out of ideas here lol
Short of telling you to get a whole house humidifier lol
Good luck bro


And me “not thinking” built my closet right next to the chimney.


Could it be too many lights? How many would be recommended is that size space? Veg and flower


No it sounds like the room next to the chimney isn’t helping your case the lights aren’t the problem at this point


Thinking about tearing it down and moving it across the room. Then shouldn’t have an issue. But the cool mist humidifier has raised it to 44% at 77f


Your not the only one bro


About to transplant now. Should I wait another 4-6 weeks to start feeding since going into new mg potting mix? When to start feeding?


Yes wait 4-6 weeks before feeding in mg potting soil, when to start feeding roughly about 6-8 weeks after transplant into the potting soil to ensure its not to strong for your plant


Ok that’s what I thought @Majiktoker just wanted to make sure.

here is one of the roots, only got enough soil to do 2 of them so have to get more tomoro and do the other 2.


Right on! Keep me posted


Will take pics of all of them when I get them all transplanted. Everything seems to be goin in the right direction now :grin::smile::seedling:


Right on I’m glad to hear that my friend :slight_smile:


Been ups and downs, figured it would be until we got it dialed in. But everyone here is so helpful and pretty quick at getting a response from a knowledgeable person. Glad I found this site


I’m glad to here that man


I have the in one gallon pots about the leaves are burning at the tips do I need to transplants theses in to better soil


1 gallon pots might be too small for where you are. I’m thinking you should be in 3gal and up (5 gal would be good). I wouldn’t just swap soil in the same containers. Not sure if that’s what you meant.