What's wrong with my plants?


@Countryboyjvd1971 Just turned fan off and will Kees an eye on temps. If it gets hot I will try towel thing


Ideally, high and low temps should be within about 10 degrees of each other. Just an FYI.


Ok good
Humidity will rise and hold better with fan off just watch temps and bucket thing may solve your issue with fan on


Look up inkbird humidity and temperature dual use controller by inkbird on Amazon
I can’t seem to post a pic of it right now and I don’t know how to post a link because I’m not to tech savvy lol
Might be just what you need to control exhaust fan and help maintain humidity? It’s around 45$




Maybe ? To control fan second thought might not work but they sell temp controls you can use maybe this one

And thanks for the help posting that @Matthew420


Why exactly are these things going to do? Put more heat in? Or cool it down? Not real sure what I’m looking at lol sorry for the dumbness


I think the idea is you can set temps for the different fans to turn on and off to help you maintain a good temp.


@Matthew420 is on point with what I was trying to get across to you without running your exhaust fan humidity will stay higher and more constant but with temps running into the 100s like you said you can’t leave fan off all the time but you could set a on temp at say 80 and off at 75 so fan will not run all the time
But if bucket thing work with fan on no need to try and cycle fan with a controller bud sorry if I confused you I have a tendency to over think things lol


Lol no big deal, new to indoor and just get a lil overwhelmed with the big difference. Used to starting a plant putting it in the ground and watering once a week. Thanks again


I understand I’m doing my first indoor also
Just I’m in the hvac buisness so I over think air quality issues lol
The bucket thing will mostly be fine for your situation bro
Let me know how you make out :+1::ok_hand::wink:


Will do, try to keep up to date on here, will be posting pics until harvest time.


Nice I’ll be checking in lol


This is the one I topped, does it look like I did it right?


Looks fine to me.


I agree with @Matthew420
Looks good :blush:
In a few day you’ll see nice new growth :wink:
I think it just amazing what these girls can do even with us cutting manipulating them they just come back stronger


They will do it in proper growing conditions to allow light to penetrate deeper it’s nothing to worry about. You should spray and do this atleast twice a day, and they look great, yes you did it right lol


If I could like twice I would


Well if possible lol otherwise once is fine


So, I did bucket with towel method an no improvement. Put cool mist humidifier in the room but not in closet. Let’s see how this works! Put it right by intake port.