What's wrong with my plants?


I have a big evaporative humidifier also I keep it outside my tent and raise room humidity then let my intake fan pull moist air into tent
If you have a intake fan you could try that also


Yeah, @Countryboyjvd1971 is leaking something for sure. LOL

Knowledge of course.


Lmfao :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin::sunglasses::v:️️


I do have a 6" exhaust fan 75cfm with 2 6" intake holes. Could I put the bucket outside of the wall by intake ports and put a fan blowing over that way?


That should work
Or put fan inside and draw air in over bucket
try both and see what does best for you


Yea I can separate but only have 1 closet for now. Going to build another when it’s closer to flower time. What is the “dome” u speak of??


I made this but you can buy cheap plastic ones. I was bored and high one night…


When door is shut I have great negative pressure (air pulling through intake) would just having a bucket outside work? Or should I still put a fan on it?


Or just cut a plastic bottle to fit over and poke some air holes.


If you have good draw over it I don’t see why it wouldn’t


Love the vent doors That’s nice bud
Might need to steal that for myself lol


Just over plant ? Or while container? And you’re talking about the GDP sprout and the clone right? Not all of them


It can be just over the plant as long as it isn’t hitting it. I’m speaking of the seedling. I have no expertise in cloning although I suspect clones want high humidity to start as well.

Mine. You can see the humidity build up.


a little hot glue and some plexiglass. bingo bango.


what temp you running with fan on
Could you turn exhaust fan off you don’t need it for smell right now only temp control if box gets hot ?


With fan on it stays around 75 give or take. If I turn it off it gets real warm in there, seen it over 100 before. And smell doesn’t bother me, it’s exhausted right into the room. Will turn it off for a bit and keep an eye on temps.


I think there’s a trip to Home Depot in my future :grin:
Going to need to start a few more seeds in the near future I just ordered a couple more lights so I can build a veg box
I want to have a constant roll over in the future :+1:


Ok so that’s not an option clearly lmao :joy:


What u mean? Lost here


You asking me
I was referring to turning off fans temps in the 100s
With out monitoring