What's wrong with my plants?


Make sure they are close to try so all soil sticks around the roots, also transfer to know home as quick as possible without being reckless or careless and she should do great, a little bit of vitamin b1 would reduce the shock


@Majiktoker Close to try?? Sure that was a typo. Should I get it wet or let it dry before transplanting?


Yes close to dry when wet it falls apart


Thanks again @Majiktoker one more ? Should I completely fill the 5gal or leave a lil space and should I bury up to the bottom leaves?


Here are the lil girls today, along with their new lil sister. Found a bean in a bag of GDP


Perfect now that are in there new home look good now they shall spurt off, did you and up burying bottom leaves I would answered sooner but getting ready for christmas


@Majiktoker Haven’t transplanted yet, waitin on them to dry down a lil bit. Still curious on how deep to bury them too


About an inch under the bottom leaves maybe a half inch


Ok thanks brother, just waitin now. Shouldn’t be but a couple days will keep pics updated


When would be a good time to start feeding? Or should I not with this soil? Also if I do should I go by what label says or do 1/2 or 1/4?


If wait at least 8 weeks to feed in ffof soil, and my pleasure bro


So, got a new therm/humidity meter and come to find out I’m sitting steady at 77f and 33%rh. Do I need to up humidity? If so how would I go about doing so without a humidifier? I have one but it would be huge in this closet


how many times did they resend seeds? . . do you live in the States? . I made an order and received my seeds in about 12 days. .


Haven’t ordered from ILGM yet planning on it real soon. But I hear all good things about them


Are you in veg if so yes increase your humidity 27%


No, I’m in a built 2x4x6.5 closet. And yes still in veg. How do I up the humidity without a humidifier?


That was supposed to say veg, damn typo and auto correct lol, my apologies for the confusion


Yea I saw u correct right after I posted lol


You can use a 16 oz spray bottle spray half of it in your closet and see how much it raises, I have to use a while bottle in a 2’ x 6 1/2’ x 8’ closet.

Lol i noticed it said bag I was like hey what the hell not what I said lol


Just spray the air? How often should I do that? Topped the bigger one last night and put the top in soil to try to clone it. Will post some pics of whole closet and all the lil girls in a bit