What's wrong with my plants?


y welights were about 5" from plants now I have them closer to a ft. Thank for the info and will stop feeding immediately. Should I do a flush? Or just continue with water? And should they be bigger for the time they have been growing?


Yes a flush will help flush out the extra toxins built up in the soil


Sorry I’m kinda a newb on indoor. How do I do a “flush”? And will the buckets they are in be big enough or will I need to transplant again? This is a juicy fruit I did outdoor. Only ended up with 2 1/4 oz dry


What ever size pot your using run double the water through your soil so if using 5gal pot run 10 gal water through soil slowly till all 10 gal have been added to pot
Good luck :+1:


Awesome thanks will do that soon as I get home. So, will the 1.5 gallon buckets they are in be big enough for full maturity? If not what size should I use? here they are today.


So I just got a therm for my closetand it is at 82f is that too warm? Think that could be the problem? Did a flush and run off water was testing at a low 6 and fresh water was around 6.5. Is all this normal?


Your fresh water is normal, soil should be 6.5 at the run off so maybe water with a slightly higher ph maybe at 7.0 to get the run off to come out at 6.5. Also maybe lower it down to 77 degrees, you can lower it by adding more ventilation


Ok thanks again @Majiktoker should I leave them in the buckets they are in or switch to 5 gallon buckets?will post more pics when something changes…hopefully for the better. Also just made another 6x6 intake hole should I add another exhaust fan or leave it for a while and see what happens? And also should I trim the dead “yellow brown” spots off the leaves?


Leave it and see what happens, also leave her leaves alonealso maybe to 5 gallons depending on how long they have been there


They have been in the 1.5 gallon buckets for a lil over 3 weeks and had decent growth until they all 4 stopped growing and started drooping about a week ago.sorry for so many ?'s


It’s fine my friend that’s what I’m here for, yea id go ahead and put them in a 5 gallon


How do I send a pm?


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@Majiktoker What recommendations would u have for growing medium and feed?


Growing medium id recommend promix, and as for food, the fox farm trio (beastie bloomz, open sesame, and cha ching) are awesome also rhino skin works great with those. Rhino skin is a more potent form of potassium silicate and really good for your plants


Ok, will look into ordering for my next grow. Here is an update on my lil girls. Seem to be doing well after flush and adding more airflow. Let me kno your thoughts of if they will be alrightUploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…


wanting to top letter “C” just not sure when to do it. Any advice?


I would say to wait at least another week to allow her to fully recover from the stress.

New growth is looking much better…


I agree with @FloridaSon, wait atleast another week and the new growth is looking good, they are trying to bounce back


Ok, going to trans into 5gal buckets Saturday. Any hints/tricks to keep from shock? Don’t wanna harm the lil girls again…they have been through enough haha they are looking better today too, will post more pics when lights come back on