What's wrong with my plants?

You can see the entry area in all of them

Maybe wrap plastic just below it, liberally spray with straight h2o2…

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Ok I’ll give it a shot and see if it improves at all.
I’m hoping I don’t have to scrap it.

If it is bud rot/grey mold, it may not get bad until the buds develop.

There are beneficial products that may help. I haven’t tried them and they aren’t cheap.

More research would be needed to confirm botrytis.

Rot of some sort brought on by too likely much moisture.

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Sorry to say that a fungal issue for sure I bet it’s thru the entire stalk and broken thru the cell walls, that’s a total loss don’t save cuts unless they were taken long before u saw the fungus.and kept in a separate room with it’s own. Air :frowning: get some em1 and treat plants that don’t show signs yet . Prokure g is the best way to sterilize space after u remove contaminated plants. It will clean every nook and cranny including ballasts and fans etc… Well worth the peace of mind :wink: edit: just saw they are outside lol don’t need the prokure g but good Info for ppl inside:)


If u want to try save it imo your best to amputate below the affected area like 6" or more:( if u can’t have the heart to do so ur only hope is to get bokashi or em1(pre activated, u don’t have time to activate ur self ) and treat asap w a foliar spray every time it rains and or every third day, it will digest the spores of any fungus and occupy the tissue to protect it


I’m with the others above. Some kind of mechanical damage that a pathogen used to get into the stem of the plant. I was thinking rather than peroxide, paint with honey and wrap electrical tape around it.


Thanks for the prompt educational responses my good fellas