What's wrong with my plants?

Pics of the ‘little’ plant? N depends on ur lights. 18-24 is usually the range tho

Does anyone know why my leafs look like this?

I’ve tried more than 5 different strains, outdoor, indoor, tall, small and all of them flower and then start to dry. I even thought I was cropping wrongly but the last one I tried, I left it with no cuts at all and the same thing, started to dry. I even thought they have only one flowering cycle… please help me about what should I do to be able to crop, and keep it alive… thanks

Sorry so late. Always start a new thread for issues.

Looks like Nute Burn. Get a thread started and tag me like @hibbertsarah

Hi. Welcome to ILGM. Id start a new thread firstly… if u have any photos and the notes to ur grow add em. And tag me if ud like.

Ur possibly cropping entirely too roughly. U never want to break the skin

One look better 5 days but sometimes look weird one very weak need help pls any idea whats going wrong i provide 13 hrs light ATM outdoor

Hey all. I’m new to growing and this forum. My plants are about a week from germination and I’m seeing the true leaves shriveling up. The soil is seed starter, but I didn’t add some nutrients. They’re on a 18/6 cycle in a ventilated tent with a 1200watt blurple LED lowered to about 12” from the plants.

Not sure I am doing this right but hope someone can help me before I lose my plant- please! :slight_smile:

First time grower. Not sure what is wrong. Thank you for your help.

Luppercup, 12 inches is way to close for a plant that small. With a 1200 watt light it should be about 30 inches away. If it’s not to late they should show improvement in about a week. Mike

Can some one help I have 3 plants an 3 clones of my big plant all plants show no sines of being a male or a hermy i Veged with leds now I’m using a 400 w hps am the plants are on a 12 an 12 timer I switched there light Cycle to light on in the day an off at night an I put a towel in the cracks of the door to stop light leaks . I just took my leds out of the room an plan to just use the hps lamp ? Why are they not flowering I’m stumped . I don’t have the equipment to get light readings an Nutrient readings so I’m going by sight witch I know is a bad idea but what can I say I’m poor lol any help I Would greatly appreciate it ty ???!!

How long has it been… they should start showing within a week to 10 days. Couple pistils will have popped by then.

Need some help. I just transplanted 3 days ago and they all seem to be doing ok with the exception of waikiki queen. It had a little shock when it was a young seedling when it tipped and dumped over. I replanted it the best I could but it’s still the size of a seedling and I’m in day 19 of being up from the soil. My Pineapple Express and monster cookie are outgrowing it 10 fold. Is there anything I can do? I’ve been holding off on water trying to dry it up a little and have not fed any of my plants anything other than Calmag and pH 5.5 to 6 R.O. water.

Waikiki Queen in first picture, pineapple Express in second picture

Hey, i’m having some similar issues and am also looking for advice on what to do here

My first time growing, these plants are all 30 days old and i’m just wondering what this could be? pH? nutrient imbalance? idk

Hey guys hope you can help me because it’s really stressing me out I mean I thought I have everything right the plants were beautiful last week now the leafs are starting to turn yellow and the leafs are tiny and seem to have stopped growing I test the ph wich is 6,6 I use a all mix and the regular biobizz mix of bloom grow and hydro I have a oscillating fan and everything
Did some fimming a week ago anybody with some help or suggestikns kiss on your eyes my beautiful Canadian friends :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

Hello my plants keep getting to this stage and dying from the bottom up, getting crispy and dry. Does it look like I missed a few waterings or something else? Thank u!!

Note: humidity averaged 60% temp averaged 80F. Watered will distilled water. Soil composed of black gold seedling mix, 1/2 tsp azomite, and worm castings. Ive tried adding a Sprinkle of superphosphate, potash, and humic acid, as well as tried doing just bare bones ecoscraps. Both resulted in this outcome. Is set in 15,000 lumens

This is the start of the 4th week and I feel that I’m doomed. They looked dwarfed. Any help would being appreciated.

Wondering why my plants seem to be growing up and not out, first time growing and dont see any leaves at the nodes. My plants spend most time outside but have been bringing them in at night because it’s been getting too cold… Will this fix itself when its warm enough to keep them outside??