What's wrong with my plants?

Do u have a photo? Indoor or outdoor?

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Hi guys new here I’m venturing in to my first grow very think started fine pop my seeds in to jiffy pellets they popped looked great then I moved them to a aero cloner to encourage roots to grow better after a couple days they started going funny heres a pic can any diagnose problem please


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How often are u watering? And what kind of lights u running at what distance?
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Thank u bud there on 24/7 aero rooter at the moment roots look good I slightly added some grow a and b just a little not much and the light is a 2x tube like this in pic do u think there over waterd due to being in jiffy pellets or is that a feed problem I’ve tryd looking at plant problem pictures but I’m not sure so I thought I’ll ask the pros🥳

Possibly overwatering. But i honestly have NO IDEA. @Myfriendis410 might… how far is that light from plants?

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About 15 cm got a fan blowing across them theres not much heat coming off them I’ve stopped water pump to see if it helps them just dont want roots to dry out.
I just thought some one could tell from the markings off the leaves to point me in the right direction

Ahhh! Thats a hydroponic system? How far from pot bottoms is ur water? I believe most hydroers around here leave 1-2 inches from water to net pot. @peachfuzz @Bogleg n a few more knowledgeable guys around


What r your ph and ppm


Ec 0.4 ph is 7.3

Starving to death. If you are going to transplant; do it now and carefully so as not to damage main roots. If leaving in the cloner it’s time to start feeding.

How about more info:

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  • Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
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  • Light system
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Ph should be 5.8 no higher then 6.5 no lower than 5.5 take ppm up to 700


@Newbie123 r u transplanting into dwc or soil

my plants seem very small for 3 weeks. How close should I have my light to the plants?

Pics of the ‘little’ plant? N depends on ur lights. 18-24 is usually the range tho

Does anyone know why my leafs look like this?

I’ve tried more than 5 different strains, outdoor, indoor, tall, small and all of them flower and then start to dry. I even thought I was cropping wrongly but the last one I tried, I left it with no cuts at all and the same thing, started to dry. I even thought they have only one flowering cycle… please help me about what should I do to be able to crop, and keep it alive… thanks

Sorry so late. Always start a new thread for issues.

Looks like Nute Burn. Get a thread started and tag me like @hibbertsarah

Hi. Welcome to ILGM. Id start a new thread firstly… if u have any photos and the notes to ur grow add em. And tag me if ud like.

Ur possibly cropping entirely too roughly. U never want to break the skin

One look better 5 days but sometimes look weird one very weak need help pls any idea whats going wrong i provide 13 hrs light ATM outdoor