What's wrong with my Plants Leaves?

Growing outdoors since May 18th. Purple Aliens. About 10 weeks now. Some of my leaves are turning weird on me. What’s the issue? Pics enclosed.

They get enough sun, water is moderate to heavy. And I use good Organic nutes every 3 weeks or so.

That looks like nutrient burn to me. How often are you feeding them and with what?


I use nutes every 3 weeks. A little amounts.

Fishbone Meal
Black Strap Mollases
Brewer’s Yeast
Kelp Meal
Diamotaceus Earth Food Grade.

FFOF and FFHF Soil

I’m also using an organic pesticide.
Neem Oil
Peppermint Oil
Castile Tea Tree Soap

Again a little amounts in spray bottle.

Too much water = the droopyness
Too many nutes = the burns

…patience :grin::facepunch:t2:


What are your suggestions for over nutes? Flush?

Overall I think they look fine. Seeing a little nute burn here and there lets you know you have reached a limit. Most of the leaves look fine so you only have reached the beginning. I wouldn’t change anything unless it starts to show up on a large number of leaves. Lower older leaves are going to yellow and drop no matter what you do. Its just how the plant grows.


:thinking::arrow_up:agreed BUT the only thing I would change is the nute schedule since they got some burn…as in…remove the burnt leaves and get her all nice and green again…then on the scheduled day for feeding, don’t feed her….feed her a day later…if she burns again then you know your nute strength is the problem not the timing


I TOTALLLLLLLY LOVE THIS SITE, ALL YOU GREAT MINDS ARE SO DAMN :musical_note::notes::drum::drum::drum::drum::drum: AWESOME!!! THE incredibly fast responses to any and everyone is incredible it doesn’t matter if you are like me that’s been growing for years and years but still do not claim that I know what I’m doing LOL if that makes sense but even for the newbies this is the place to be nobody will turn you away and the incredible amount of knowledge if they don’t know it they’ll help you find a way to get the info YOU people are freaking incredible thank you thank you thank you thank you


I transplanted 2 of my Ladys from 7 gal to 15 gal pots yesterday. Maybe it will help with the Nute Burn. Photos below. I think 15 gal pots to grow, is a bare minimum in my opinion outside.

This lady is almost 7ft tall. From a May 18th Sprout.


Looks like the transplant made them happy…nice and perky leaves is a good indication of root freshness/productivity imo…how big are ya wanting them to get cause they WILL double in size during flower….consider looking into super cropping and what bending stems can and will do for your yields :wink::v:t2:

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LOL. Not too much bigger. There almost 7ft now with no flowers yet. I’ll research super cropping and bending. Thanks.

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I transplanted 2 into 15 gallon pots from 7 gallon pots.

Update They took well from the transplanting


My plants need to be watered daily.

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