What's wrong with my plant

@LF-the-OG first time trying this strain and first indoor grow, I’m a complete amateur which is probably why my questions are so basic. I’m sure I added 40% perlite to soil but just soil for top layer. Drainage seems all good doesn’t take very long to come out the bottom. Its very interesting you have mentioned the spacing of the internodes as the nodes themselves were quite tightly grouped, if I add zinc how? In what form? Nutes value are NPK 8-2-6

What do you think?

Ok, so your soil if it was a quality brand which had amendments in it would have easily taken these small plants past a month of plain water. My feeling is even at 1/2 strenght its been too much P and K which has locked out zinc.
Stop feeding them nutes for two waterings. Then give something with less PK like around 1 they won’t need more until they larger and closer to flower… will unlock it and allow zinc uptake.
Also if you can find zinc it would not hurt to give a little when you have to next water with just the water. Less is more though don’t need to blast them with zinc.

I would also caution that a flush at PH might be wise. Once that lockout is resolved there is a chance of nute burn from the salts in the soil.

Remember too that the damaged leaf material will not recover; look for new growth to tell you how she’s doing.

@raustin I agree with you 100%. YOU, ma’am are a cannabis Goddess lol.


Correct me if I’m wrong but iron rich nutes in spray bottle fed via foliage makes yellow leaves turn back to green?!

@LF-the-OG I started feeding directly after I transplanted a couple weeks ago with the mindset of maximising growth even though I knew there was enough nutes already in the soil.

Ya it will do the opposite young plants just do not need much food. Think of them like a child. Sitting them down at the buffet when all they need is a couple bites will do more harm than good.

Less is more. In soil mixtures I do not feed plants anything but water until they around 10-12 inches. Then its lite food feedings with waterings. They will grow if you do not over do it and stunt their growth.

Lol, thank you, @Myfriendis410! And you, sir, are a cannabis god!

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The thing about nutes is it’s ok to see a little burn on the tips, it tells you that the plant has enough and so you should back off a bit.


Yes, it’s ok to correct the Ph next time you water. Now, the thing about raising Ph .5 is really just guess work, after doing it a few times you’ll get the hang of it. Say your water is 6.0, add one half pipette of Ph Up and measure it. So now it’s 6.3, add another half pipette and measure again. Say now you’re at 6.7, so this time just add a few drops and measure again. That will get you to 6.8. This is just an example, but I think you get the idea.


Unfortunately that leaf material is dying. No going back I’m afraid.

It is not possible to overstress the importance of PH’ing your water and your nutes. If you are only watering and using distilled or R/O water you would be okay but that is rare. Your plant will grow outside of the nominal values for cannabis growth but keeping it in the sweet spot makes sure you get a good crop.


Exactly, @Myfriendis410! There really isn’t anything more important than keeping the Ph in line. Wrong Ph causes so many problems and is so easy to prevent.

Also, @Myfriendis410 mentioned doing a flush and this is an excellent idea. Have you ever done a flush?

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Hard lesson learned on my end. I did the noob mistake and used MG so I had to be careful with adding nutes.

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Share your pictures how old are your plants? @NavyVet420

@raustin yes I flushed soil a day after the first feed as I jumped straight to half strength nutes and it was the same day as transplant so shocked them all took a week to recover

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@Humanclone- my girls. Planted 5/1, sprouted 5/5, put outside 5/11. They are no more than 10" tall.

Planted 5 total, 1 girl did not survive, she did not die in vain though.

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So you flushed out all the nutes you just put in? I can’t help but wonder why, but that’s another matter.

A flush is good when you need to get your Ph under control. You just flush with Ph-ed water until the runoff is at the Ph you want.

I DID TOO! haha. There’s a whole lot of us here that went down that road. I’m sure you can grow good cannabis with MG but it’s not really designed for it so there can be problems. Not least of which is you get a gorgeous harvest and the first time you smoke it you realize that it’s all gonna be edibles lol.


@NavyVet420 are they autos if so what flavour? Why are they so short and already in flower?

Correct had nothing to do with pH and everything to do with lessening the onset of nutes burn