What's wrong with my Plant? Are these Buds? flowers?

I have 5-6 Girl Scout Cookie plants, a couple GDP(grand daddy purple), all female/femanized and autoflowering, and they all have these small purple Buds? Not like a normal Bud/flower? Is this normal? Will they get bigger? I just started fertilizing with a high Phosphorus content.
Some plants shorter than what you see in the Pics attached.
Thanks, Nick


Isn’t Grand Daddy Purple, you know, purple?

I’d be happy with those buds. Nothing wrong that I can see.

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That would be whats called “foxtailing”. Do a search here and you will find lots of info. Its not a terrible thing. It doesn’t look as pretty but makes no difference in the bud quality imo


But the tall one should be the Girl Scout Cookies, not the GDP. I think the shorter one, yellow buds may be the GDP. Either way they all have the same small “buds”…?

Yup, foxtailing, could be genetics . The purple can also be genetics, I’ve had strains go purple when nighttime temperatures drop.

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I’ll search foxtailing. But those are the bud size? Not any bigger, like a normal “Flower” size?

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Lots of different factors can impact bud size. How old are the autos?

Planted right before Memorial Day. May 25th. So about 8 weeks, 60 days. another month or so?
I’ve searched 3-4 places for Foxtailing. Where should I be searching for it: outdoors…autoflowing…
Thank for your help.

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Looks about right. They will really swell up in late flower

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Thanks. Found some feedback AND answers!! Looking forward to it in a month or so. :slight_smile:

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When did she start flowering? How many weeks since the first pistils?


First time outside grower… Started flowering maybe 4 weeks ago, I think, and they are about 8 weeks now…First pistils…couldn’t tell you.
A couple of these “buds” were dried up, brown, so I picked them. Ready to try smoking…and ready to harvest soon?

I wouldn’t think ready to harvest soon. Following for 4 weeks, you probably have another 4-6 to go. Harvest times are based on when they first start flowering, not from sprout.

On my tallest plant, some of the “buds” have started to turn brown and dried up, so I picked them off. Time to cut it down and dry it inside? Done flowering and highest level of THC is close?

You need a loupe or microscope to check the trichomes before you’ll know if they’re ready