What's wrong with my OG Kush plant?

Planted this OG Kush seed in the first week of April. Was giving it a 7.2 ph water and it was doing fine, then I switched to a 6.5 pH when the buds showed up, and transferred it to a bigger container with with a harder soil. I’m obliged to keep it outside and giving it a 12-13 hours of sunlight a day and 1 liter of water a day. Never had any major problems until 2 days ago when the leaves became brownish, harder and some tore apart.
Never gave her any food/nutrients so maybe I should give her some now.

Please advise me on how to proceed from now on regarding the quantity of water, sun and nutrients in order to help this beautiful plant regain it’s health and give good buds.
Thanks in advance for your advises


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Yo bro, looks to me like you may need to first make sure your soil is around 6.5 pH then start watering with about a half liter mixed with some cannabis flower nutes.check DRY pot and plant weight by lifting up and then whenever light you will water her.i would add 3 qrts of full strength recommended dosage of nutes first couple waterings then I’d transition to adding full strength ferts with every other watering.i practice these same practices and I do well.happy growing bro,I just joined here and just figuring it out.im open to any and all questions regarding the growing of cannabis.

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What kind of nutrients?


What soil? That’s nute burn IMO


The growing medium was peat moss, the indicated ph was between 5.9 and 6.7. And I was watering it with a 7.2 ph water (natural mineral drinking water)
It was doing just fine all the while it was in peat moss. After it started flowering I transferred it to a bigger pot with soil as the medium and managed to give it a 6.5 drinking ph water. For 3-5 days it didn’t seem weak at all. It was getting 12 hours of sunlight per day as well. Then all the problems came knocking…
I haven’t used a lot of nutrients. Just some organic compost lately.
It’s kind of tricky for me to grow indoors.

I have no problem starting all over, would just love to know the exact parameters of soil, water, sunlight and nuts to get it all right this time.

What I did this morning was emptying the pot of all the newly added soil.
When I back flipped the pot I was not surprised to see that the roots simply couldn’t penetrate the new medium and stayed within the peat moss environment.
So I filled the pot again with peat moss, and gave it half a liter of water w dissolved nutrients to give it a boost. Hope this puts us back on the right track

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