What's Wrong With My Little OG Kush Seedling?


Hi All,
I started four of my five OG Kush seeds last week after they arrived. Three out of four are doing great and well on their way. One appears to have stopped growing. They were germinated in 6.5 ph spring water, with a drop of H2O2 to prevent bacteria. They all popped within 48 hours, and were all planted as directed in the guide I found on the ILGM website. 1/2" hole, soil is a potting mix from a local greenhouse, that is soil and pearlite. I added 1/3 sphagnum peat moss (organic).
If it doesn’t grow, can I get a replacement? I may start the fifth seed in the meantime.
@garrigan65 please advise.


How old are they now? They will appear to stop growing, but they’re actually growing roots, so as long as they’re alive and thriving don’t worry.


Suggest you acquire clear plastic drinking cups. Fill with Grow Media from a Grow store…more bugs and beneficial stuff. Germinate the seeds in moist paper towel. Once tap root is 1/4"+, plant in cup until the head is even with the ground level. Keep moist but not soaked.
As seed develops, you will be able to see the roots covering the bottom and sides of the cup.
Then it is ready to move to permanent home.
If seedlings shoot too high, lower lite a bit and loop a pipe cleaner around the stem to support it.


The came out of the soil last Thursday morning (9/13). They were growing fast so they are skinny, so I changed the low power LED grow light to a 270W at 45" above the plants. Now the runt of the litter is waking up. I was thinking I may have to germinate my fifth seed that my Bud-dee wants.
Looks good now. Hope the light isn’t too much for them. Thoughts?


I think your far enough away from the plant that it will be fine. After a few nodes of leaves grow start lowering the light a few inches each day.


OG Kush are a little slower in maturing, be patient and keep feeding them. Might try a sprinkle of Epsom salt (nitrogen source) and mist with Seltzer water ( no additives) Co2 source. You can get both at grocery store very cheaply.


I kinda dought that they would replace one seed. The one right front looks to be kinda long maybe drop you light a bit. @raustin is right on about the one still growing roots on worries my friend. Tag me and i will follow


Tanlover gave some solid advice on germinating. Follow that next time. I believe that ILGM (and other banks) only guarantee that their seeds will germinate. I don’t believe they have a “grow guarantee.” If they did, they’d go out of business with all the failed plants. They look ok to me. Give them some time. Early on the tiny growth each day seems excruciatingly slow, lol! Best thing is not to check them every day - check every 2-3 days and you’ll be happier with the growth. As they get older and turn into full blown plants, their daily growth will be more noticeable.


Someone else had one sprout but fizzled out and were told it could not be replaced due to too many variables. (ILGM) However i have had 3 ILGM seeds not germ and all were replaced immediately. the seeds i got back in one week after my email was sent to ILGM. You have gotten good advice so far. We win most but we do loose some.



That was well put. Thank you


Yup. He’s right. It is more work than fun sometimes, but with the hardships, we learn.
I have learned SOOOOOO much from this forum. And I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your input. Like most have replied, they are alive, and thriving. As I recall from every batch I’ve grown, there’s always a “runt”. Just needs a little extra love and care.


G-Man, what’s the best thing to clean a tent out with before putting in a new batch?
I’m sure others would love to get this information.
I was planning on bleach and tap water.
Just don’t know the best concentration.
Thanks Man.


Okay Gang, here’s the baby OG Kush seedlings now. They were still stretching with the rosy 650W China LED light, so the 100W Quantum board has been on them for 36 hours now at 33".
Me thinks they are liking it! Another one on the way!
I had a small fan on them, but the tall skinny ones were falling over. Had to prop them up.
Hoping the stem gets stronger. The “runt” looks great. Looks like the delay was from missing one side of the “seed leaves”. Maybe the one that had the stuck seed. Planning to move them to the big pots, and move them to the tent when I see roots coming out the bottom. Any advice? My first Indica grow.
I did get the nitrogen and CO2 comment. Thanks again!


When you transplant those tall ones make sure to bury the stems a few inches from the top. Those stems will grow roots.


Thanks for that Bro. Looking at the stems, the “shorty” is twice the thickness.
They are truly survivors. Dropped my low power LED grow light right on them from
more than a foot. Not one broken stem! This is going to be exciting.
Onward! Through the FOG! :partying_face:


Okay, here’s how they’re looking today. I’m happy. Got the CO2 from a Yellow Lab, and a Clumber Spaniel. Yes, I know you should keep dogs away, but they aren’t ready for the big pots and the tent yet. Still pre-curing the last two PH clones. They are down to 85% in open paper bags, in a tent, with 65% air introduced multiple times a day. Will jar them up with 62% Bovenda packs soon.
I also took more advice and got rolling pot holders. They have a drain, and a collection drawer in the bottom. Amazon, $17 a piece. I got four.

Anyone on the best time to transplant? How many leave nodes? And yes, the long ones will get buried deeper. I was figuring when I saw root out the bottom. But I would hate to rip off the root tips.


looking good !!!


Yup. Thanks Man. Here they are today. Nice for five weeks.


nice !! keep it up, Bro. You growing in a tent ?


As a first timer myself, I have been worried about my 2 OG Auto’s as well, compared to my Bubble Gum and Jack Herer. I’m glad I came across this post !!