Whats wrong with my leaves?

Dose anyone have any. Advice??! Or is this normal?20180923_195341|375x500

Pic didn’t load sorry

Looks like a bit of nute burn


Tips of leaves look a bit burnt from nutrients. Are you feeding with any thing?



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That is funny!!:smiley:

Looks like you’re getting a nitrogen toxicity. What are you feeding?

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Im feeding dyna grow "bloom and. Hydroplex im in week four of flower the leaves are curling

Sorry, I am not familiar with those nutes, but I would do a flush and make sure your Ph is where it should be.

I have them in 12 gallon of water whit ph at 6.0 and i have 1/2 of tsp per gallon which is the minimum. For dyna grow bloom and for Hydroplex is 1 tsp per gallon of non resuculatin water. My grow room tem is at 78f and the humidity is at 45% whit two 600w led

You’re in hydro you’re outta my league. Temp and humidity are good for flower.


Yep, I didn’t realize your in hydro. I no nada about hydro, but I still think it’s a nitrogen toxicity.

Its weird because im feeding the minimal nutes

It could be a Ph problem. What’s the Ph?

My ph is at 6.0

Have you been doing any serious training at anytime in the past. I have same issue and I did a first timers super cropping and I have several plants with lower leaves that are like this tgat were top growth when I was Lst but now recovered and above that section new growth looks back to normal but it’s almost like plant frowned and it got stuck that way like grandma used to say. But yea mine were beat to hell in this grow will have better planning for next time but I feel ts a stressful period in a plants life cycle that causes this in my situation hope that was of help

The only thing i did to them was top the shit out of them and pinched the stems

ThatsvExactly what I did :wink::wink::wink: cheers bro

Might have did a lil to much one day as I did for sure I did more then a 1/3 of the plant first time