Whats wrong with my leaves (Curl closed)

Whats wrong with my leaves they are curling up

4 week plant
Mother earth coco+ perlite
3gallon fabric pots
5.7 ph
Fox farm nutes
2000w Led

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What is the temperature

Ph of 5.7 seems a little low for soil

Sorry i see ur using coco

Just by looking without knowing more, My guess is heat. When they are too hot, they cup upward and try to curl in toward the main vein to cool off and protect. I call it the sweat response.


Whats circulation.like in your tent? Is there enough mousture? Too much moisture?

Good circulation got a fan and humidifier

Whats been the average temp and humidity in the tent and do you by chance have any runoff ppm or ph numbers? Based off of the details you’ve provided currently im leaning towards what @Bonjoyle said for your issue. After doing a quick search heres what ive found based off the picture

When you see the edges of leaves curling up, the cause is often that the light is too close. It can be caused by both light stress and heat. It’s also occasionally caused by cold or watering problems, especially when a plant is cold and overwatered.

Common causes of leaf edges curling up

  • Too much light
  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Humidity (below 35% or above 65% RH, especially combined with poor temperature)
  • Overwatering (especially when combined with cold)
  • Nutrient deficiency
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Looks like heat stress. Ph is a tad low. 5.8-6.0 for coco.

How often are you watering? Have you introduced any microbes into the coco? How much FF nutes are you feeding when you feed, and how often are you feeding in relation to watering? Also how much are you watering (I.e. are you getting generous runoff every time you water?)

My gut says root problems, but I am not going to make a diagnosis without knowing more. It could be lots of things, and more importantly could be lots of things simultaneously all compounding to look like something it isn’t.