What's wrong with my girl

What’s The ph of the runoff & the soil to me it look like a nutrient burn from excessive feeding

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She’s an Autoflower runoff 6.8 hasn’t had nutrients yet

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Aaha! This is been bugging me since I saw it!
(can you tell by the three edits and then the deleted post above? Lol)

… there’s nothing wrong with that plant, repot it and let it finish flowering -good luck

are you using cfls’ for light ? looks like light burn. Plant is very healthy

Great questions yes i was using CFL s now I put them outdoor

Yeah looks like your light got to close and burnt the leaf. But it will be ok, it will grow out of it. Just be careful and watch your light height, plants grow so fast. Other than that your plant looks healthy. Great job.:+1:t3: