What's wrong with my girl?

Just started noticing this 3 days ago. She is a clone that someone left in a 1 gallon pot for about 3 weeks. I transplanted to a 3gal in my 2.5x2.5 tent under 2 lights one week ago. Both full spectrum LED one 1200w one 600w (not actual)

I use Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A & B, Recharge, and CYCO Silica. I haven’t had PH test strips until 2 days ago so I’m wondering if that is the issue.

How would i test my soil? Water runoff? Do i wait untik they need to be watered to do a flush?

its almost impossible to see an issue under blurple lights… please use natural to photograph them for diagnostic purposes.


My apologies…

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Are you using cal mag?


How often u water? If ur watering while its still damp it can cause all kinda problems. Cause when some of the leaves taco down sometimes its takin in too much water just from my experience

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Not using cal/mag. I feel like i water too often every couple of days.

Whats the soil

That’s a calcium def. Cal mag at recommended package levels on water only days.


I had the same issue a few days ago on just the bottoms leaves. New grow was just fine. Just for precaution I added a dose of Cal-Mag and wow!! They are all sorts of happy girls.


Well i finally got a PH meter. Cheap AF but was able to water with 6 PH. I measured the runoff at 6.8! That is quite a swing. Any guesses as to the PH level of the soil? I also ran 6 water through my Blueberry and it came out 6.5…

How should i proceed?