Whats wrong with my babies 😣


Seems like they are developing slowly and are a lime and yellow colour. This is my first grow and anything you could give me advice on I would be so appreciative. Thanks! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

strain: auto amnesia haze fem
age: approx 17 days
light: Outdoor 7am-7pm
medium: seedling soil with perlite
Temp: 19-34 degrees
humidity : 30-48%
ph: unknown
nutrients: none added
water: bottled water when needed


doesn’t appear to be a watering issue… maybe a ph issue? . do you ph yur water before you water yur plant? are you using the natural soil from the ground or did you mix anything into the soil? . have you given yur plant any nutrients?


Thanks for your reply :blush: I used a seedling potting mix with some perlite. Havent gotten myself a ph tester but looks like i should invest. I havent given them any nutrients because most of what ive read says to wait until they get a couple more sets of leaves.


Fill out a support ticket so we know the specifics so we can determine a problem. It may be the ph is out of whack. And if you dont know the ph of your water by bottled or purified or I think distilled works good too but I know bottled water has ph around 6.0


Fikl out a support ticket like drdakthumb420 says gonna be much easyer and we can reply faster to see what you have going on these fellow growers always helped me out aswell soo ler us know ill be watching and try to help whenever i can


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Answer these simple questions the best you can.
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Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?

System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS

Indoor or Outdoor

Light system, size?

Temps; Day, Night
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Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size

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you definitely need a ph meter… you can find one on ebay or Amazon for about 10 bucks or so.


Here you go my friend see what you can do with youre support ticket fill it in as good as you possibly can and should be better soon


thanks @Matt_auto :blush: filled it in best i could


I cant see it bro you have to reply it on your topic so we all can see whats wrong


Strain; auto amnesia haze fem

Soil in pots with perlite
age- 17 days old approx
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? na

What is strength of nutrient mix? na

Indoor or Outdoor- outdoor

Temps; 19-34
Humidity; 30-48%

Ventilation system; na

Co2; : na


They don’t look bad to me at all, although I had problems in the beginning. Yours look better than mine did.

As said, get a PH meter, you’re life will be easier. It’s so important to have proper PH. It’s a theme here on the forums.


Good luck with your grow! :+1:


Thanks for your feedback guys! ill get onto my ph! Cheers :blush:


Your babies should be getting more light, me thinks, that’s why they aren’t making enough chlorophyll, thus the pale color. 12 hours is good for bloom stage but not enough for veg. Is there any way you can give them at least 6 more hours of light, like under lamps?


Not knowing the pH would be my first suspect. You will not believe what a difference proper pH will have!

I only checked water going in for my last grow. This time I will be checking water both in and out this time. I expect things will only get better!

Good luck with it…


This is 2 problems off the back your dealing with, temps are to cold they need to be warmer like 68-74 degrees and there humidity should come up to atleast 60-70%.

As for slow growing @ali83, how old is your little plant (as of course it’s still a seedling) but that will help to better answer if she is growing slower than usual or normal. Hope this helps :smile:

Happy growings I’ll be around to help for what I can, if I can’t we have other wonderful members here (staff and others) that will be happy to help chime in. If your new here to the forum welcome to ilgm we are happy to have you here :smile:


Hi @Majiktoker. I forgot to specify, Im an aussie so that temp is degrees celcius :blush: They are just under 3 weeks old…maybe im impatient…i just see all these awesome little youngings on the net and wonder why mine seem so dwarfy but its when they went from a nice green to lime yellow that i started worrying…


You said you’re growing outdoors right? Pretty hard to control the temp in that case but 19-34c is a huge temp swing. Staying within a 10-degree swing would be better. But, again, if you’re outside not much you can do about that I suppose.


What strain is it it could be a natural color, from genetics if the yellow gets brighter than likely its nitrogen or cal mag, however I don’t see nutrients being involved or even an issue.

When doing an outdoor grow all elements are available to the plant through the air and through the ground. As being said plants absorb nitrogen from rainstorms and from the ground, as nitrogen and potassium are the most abundant elements in the earths crust (nitrogen being the most abundant).

During an outdoor grow, calcium magnesium copper zinc iron etc is all naturally available through the soil as well. Hope this helps clear things up @ali83 :smile:, also @Stomper mentioned a good point your seedling should be in minimal 14/10 (14 on 10 off)

Happy growings, good luck I’ll be around to answer any questions


I think 12/12 is not enough for seedlings. I held a seedling in suspended animation in 12/12 for 4 months once with no grow at all. Put it under 18/6 and it kicked right in.