What's wrong with my babies

OK all my clones are leaves curling in,purple stems,thick leaves. I’m growing in soil just started a regular water schedule with nutes.got them under a t5 6 bulb.

Hello Mike,
My name is. "Will "
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I blew up the pic. Is that black on the leaves ?
I’m going to my notes.
I’ll be waiting your answer.


If it is it’s just dirt just got done spring tjem

Hi my name is “Nathanael” I’m no expert but it might be a mag deficiency. I had a mag deficiency started at the bottom and worked it’s way up the plants. Started to burn the tips back. Went out and purchased some cal-mag and my plants healed. No other problems so far.Can you take better pictures?

what’s the ph of your water and how long has it been since you transplanted? Plants tend to stress after transplant they use stored energy in leaves to produce more roots this can lead to some purpling as they search for PK to produce roots. If you have had it in pot for couple of weeks then I would start looking at deficiencies so long as ph is in range

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