What's wrong with her

Hey everyone…my baby is showing sign of what I was told NITROGEN deficiency. Now in the beginning instead the guides and it said that this was a boron deficiency so I used boric acid powder in one gal along with her usual feed. Not sure if its working. Again I was told the btw multiple sources that it’s too much NITROGEN. I’m about to trim her and feed her but i dont want to overdose her. What do I do? (Soil ph is the reading on the top)

If that meter is correct it needs to be PH’d lower around 6.2 to 6.5. You are in dirt right? An as far as boric acid? I don’t know, I use it to get rid of cockroaches.

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This is what I just used today after pruning …
Also in the last pics I saw some strange mold or fungus it look like growing onsome of the flowers. I pruned thise as well, as not to let it spread.

Thats mold on yer bud part you cut off, good catch. What is your RH in the tent or wherever? It should be 45 er so too much RH & bingo bud rot & WPM. need lots of moving air too.

Awesome! So glad I caught. I keep the RH at 55% with a humidifier. I do have a vent duct but I dont leave it on because it gets cold inside. I only turn it on to lower the humidity when I’m open the side vents of tent from being closed over night as to not let light through (stop from becoming a hermy).

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Lower your RH & put a fan down low & another up above the plant for air movement. I’d turn the humidifier off you only need higher RH in veg not it flower. If its too cold put a heater in there or if its only cold at night slowly move your light schedule so the lights are on at night (that is if you have a good light proof area) so that the lights help keep it warm in there.

Roger that. Lowering humidity to about 45%. I do have a fan hooked up in side, so I’ll turn. that in. It only gets cold when I turn in the vent duct that helps filter the air. It helps drops the RH in the tent in the afternoon when the lights come on and I open up the side vents of the tent. Other than that its only on for 3-4mins at most.

So all in all…
1.) Lower RH
2.) Turn on inside fan

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That will help fer sure

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Thanks bro!!

Please stop making repeat posts. I already responded in your journal. A new thread won’t change nitrogen toxicity.


That looks like a probe type meter and those are notoriously inaccurate I recommend a proper water ph meter and doing a soil slurry test and a full flush to clear out the toxicity , it will also adjust your soil ph if you ph all the flush water


Agree, every one of those meters I’ve seen used reads 7 ph and the one I used for a minute was 7 ph. Highly unlikely everyone’s soil is 7 ph…


Whoa there guy…take it easy. I was just making this post as recommended by someone from my previous post. They said to put in a Support ticket…so here I am. I read your advice along with others and will make my adjustments. Have a good one.

I’m here to help, but opening multiple threads on the same thing, instead of keeping all of them together. It’s more difficult to solve, if other information is located in your journal.
Keeping everything in your journal and tagging people in is the most efficient and effective way to get assistance. If someone doesn’t know, then we can tag someone else. But we do want you to be successful, while not having to moderate and scroll through a duplicate thread. I have enough of those.