Whats wrong, this just happened

I found 5 or six like this all from the bottom o both plants. What am I looking at?

GSC-Auto, 6th week from sprout
2.3x2.3 tent
65% humid
Happy Frog Soil
Ts-1000 at full
ph on plant one = 7.4 (high), ph on plant two 6.5
TDS on both aprox 1800
Temps avg 76f

got a pic of the whole plants?



plant looks healthy, the bottom leaves will dye off, its ok. theyre tall, i seen on your other post about height. how many watts is your light?


Normal operation at the time of inspection :+1:


:point_up_2: this is high even for soil. The PH of 7.4 is also well above the soil range of 6.3-6.8. I suspect you have a root zone lockout due to both of these. Are you feeding to run off and testing the PH and PPMs? Target 1000/6.5 and go water only when you’re PPMs are well above 1300ish Feeding and watering to liberal run off will help rinse the salts away from the previous feeding and help keep a healthy root zone :love_you_gesture:


This Happy frog soil had a PPM of about 18-1900 right out of the bag


Did you do a slurry test with distilled water and let it rest for 24 hours then test? That’s not uncommon for FF mediums and should be water fed only until the PPMs of the run off are around 1000 then feeding with nutrients begin :love_you_gesture:


Its not ment to stay that high.

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