Whats wrong I have no clue wats wrong

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Looks like maybe a heat or wind issue

Ok thank you I was thinkin I over water it

That’s a possibility as well. Watering is kinda tricky until you figure it out. My way of doing it is to wait until the top inch or so of your soil is dry before you water them if it is drying more quickly than every other day you need to water more each time but always wait for the top to dry. It will help keep the gnats away and you won’t overwater. Hope I helped… good luck

Yes u did thanks lots as my 1 grow

You’re welcome, we all started with our 1st one. There’s a couple people here who act like they didn’t but I’ll bet $$ they did… the best thing to remember is that you are growing weeds and they will grow all the way to harvest with just water. We feed them heavy and force feed them light to push em to give everything they can. My point is that before you push em hard just learn the basics and if you can make it to harvest without killing them you are ahead of alot of people and even if you only get an ounce you won… again good luck and welcome to the neighborhood