What's wrong her?

Ladies and gents I need help. I’m not sure on the next step here. I was told by multiple sources that my baby has been given too much NITROGEN and as a result…now has this showing. I read the guiand it said it was a “boron deficiency” so I fed her boric acid powder along with here usual feed. Haven’t seen any change yet.

Now, I’m going to prune and feed but what do I feed her with?

  • Strain: Not sure, Bag seed
  • Method: Soil
  • Vessels: Pots
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (N/A)
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution: SEE PIC
  • Indoor: YES
  • Light system: SEE PIC
  • Temps; Day: 73°F Night: Not sure
  • Humidity; Day: 55°F Night: 75-80° (Due to keeping things closed as to not let light in when she sleeps)
  • Ventilation system: YES (Idont keep it on b/c it get cold in the tent. Only used to bring temp down and vent.)
  • Humidifier: YES
  • Co2: Yes

What is the ph of your runoff or a slurry ph test

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And unfortunately no matter what ya do those leaves won’t recover I’d chop em off and make sure your ph is correct


Yeah I’m about to prune and feed her now. I’m not worried about them (leaves) coming back but more so how to prevent it from continuing. Gonna test the ph now.

This is her PH. It’s the top one

It appears all the ugly leaves are at the top of the plant. To me that is light burn. No deficiencies or excesses other then the light. Don’t freak out and start doing drastic stuff, other then the ugly leaves on top, your plants look fine.


Yes, I adjusted the lightning as well. Along with the RH and turned on the inside fan. Thanks!!

The ph is high for a flowering plant too flowering plants like it on the lower end of 6 the naturally try and make their soil a little more acidic to help uptake of phosphorus and potassium the high ph is the reason for the nitrogen tox

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