What's with the leaves here why the colors

What’s the reason for these colors… super light on the nutes, they get cal mag each water, nutes every other watering. They look amazingly healthy … is this normal

There’s your answer. Plant is eating leaves because of it. Up the pk


Yup agree with above she is hungry. Give her a good blast of flowering nutes and she should bounce back

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I’ll do that next feeding on Sat… they look great really but need to get this corrected before they slow… I’ll bump up the Tiger Bloom … I just didn’t want to over do it

On it… first time I burned em a lil so I went light… apparently too light

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Some coloring and yellowing is normal as they get closer and closer to harvest. Colder temps will also bring out those reds, blues, and purples


What am I doing wrong. I upped the PK every feeding since this post. I see good green on the leaf close to the flower…but yellowing/red on bigger leaves. … all eat the exact same. Droopy one has always been that way but it’s starting the yellowing now as well. Big one is 64 days. Super yellow one is 55 days .

What is all the brown stuff around the pots at bottom? Run off feed water residue? Need to keep clean to control mold and mildew and other bacteria.

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Well that has nothing to do with this. I literally just watered… so yeah it’s run off. I didn’t ask how to control fungus coach… thanks for zero help though … smh…

Just trying to help and give a suggestion, not a coach. Hope you figure it out. Keep it clean. Don’t care if you listen or not. Your stuff not mine. Good luck