What's with the heat?

I was trying to set up Cloudline T6 temperature settings in my 3x3x6 tent and um, their doesn’t seem to be a setting for the confused. I’ve looked everywhere.

I just got one of these and a person on this forum somewhere told me how to program mine. In the auto mode you will set your parameters. First is the high temp. Set the temp to whenever you want that fan to come on. So if you set it to 89 degrees the fan will automatically come on if the temp gets to 89° or higher. Next, low temp. I was told to leave the minimum settings for temp and humidity at 0. Then next is high humidity. Set that to whatever you want. When you are done with all those leave your programmer on the auto mode, and the fan will only come on if you temp or humidity get too high. I hope this helps you. Also set it up where the fan is sucking air out of the filter if you have one. Then you are all set! Peace

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Thanx. My issue with it all is the temps. How do I decide where the temps should be? I’m starting with a clone, so I know my humidity will be around 70% How do I decide what temp in Fahrenheit to set as too high and too low? I guess I was hoping for some guidelines. Also I have my meter on the outside of tent. Does that mean it won’t regulate the indoor temp?

Cabs- I have my high temp setting set at 88° and my high humidity setting at 72%. Try to read up on the strain you are growing, and what kind of environment they like. If the like cooler Temps you may want to set you high temp at 82°. I leave the low settings at zero. You cant set it to a low temp of 45 degrees. Well, you could, but do you really want the fan to come on if its 45°? Same with humidity. If it gets really low you dont want the fan to come on and possibly lower the humidity. Make sense? Peace…

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Thanks brother. That was very helpful.

My high is set to 80 degrees and 60%, and I run my lights at night to help with temps

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