What's ur favorite part of the grow


Other then the harvest of course, what’s your favorite time of the grow cycle?
What do you dread the most?

Dread … starting seeds I’ve paid for, been really bad luck …

Favorite time … id say veg , cutting the first clones, or scrog training and super cropping. IMO it brings out the spirit in a plant and makes her work a :100: times harder. And when you work hard you get great rewards.

Anyway I thought it would be cool to hear some different opinions on likes a dislikes in other people’s grows.


Dread – prepping for a grow (mixing soil, filling pots, scrubbing tent)

Favorite Time – When they don’t need me, we are both happier if we stay out of each others hair and just do our own thing…

As you can tell by both my answers, I am a bit on the “laid back” side, some might even say lazy, lol…


Planning the next one. :wink:


Mine is when I see crystals


Omg @Fever I hadn’t thought of that one! But I remember posting a pic of when the sugar fairy stopped by.

Seedling stage, is very exciting because the struggle for life, and you doing your very best to give them their best chances with out over loving them…
vegetative stage, makes me apprehensive that I have a long way to go before I get anything out of it…
In between vegatative and flowering, that moment of excitement, anxiety and nervousness when you change the light schedule to 12/12…
flowering, the stretch is amazing, everyone is filling up and out, reaching for the light.
Actual flowering, is very exciting they’ve all done their thing and are just bulking up.
Checking for progress towards harvest is a great feeling, we’ve come so far!
Actual harvesting I have not done yet, but I think it will be bittersweet, all the effort, the pride, all chopped down and drying. However drying also comes sampling…from first harvest, to smoother results as it ages a bit, which I look forward to the most.


Second favorite is the growth spurt of a seedling after it transitions to veg about 1-2 weeks after that point.


This is my first grow, and I lost track of time looking at the buds trichomes today…it was almost mystical :yum::grin::smiley:


Great answers every body…


Third is roots on clone and fourth is new growth in clone and fifth is yellow leaves on flowering plant and sixth is amber trichomes


I’m thinking @Fever injoys the whole grow.lol

@Fever has the grow fever. Only cure is to cure his own home grown …


I love seeing the first buds forming & taking shape. Next would be the glistening sticky trichs!


I get that kid before Christmas feeling during the transition to flower and the first couple weeks after when they are changing every day . Then about a week before harvest I start checking trichs like 2 or 3 time a day lol rookie


My favorite time go’s something like this:

1.) Opening the mail-box and seeing that special package.
2.) Seeing that special come to life
3.) Making it to Harvest and looking at the trichomes
4.) Smoke’n the end results
5.) When it’s all done and said…I didn’t get caught !
6.) Waiting to start my next grow.



So far my favorite answer,

Hope your getting better @garrigan65


My favorite part of the grow would probably be 4 weeks into flowering.
I dread harvest time, wish they would come up with a type of plant that all the leafs would just fall off when it is done leaving just the buds.


I love the most the very first transplant to a bigger pot…