What's up with this plant

Is this heat stress

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How hot is it?

Often we get pictures right after watering so forgive me when I say they look wet. Leaf color is pretty dark indicating lots of N. What is your lighting? Because they appear a bit open which could be an indication of not enough light.

It was in a grow room but I didn’t have enough room, other plants grew allot quicker than these so they ate just under a lights in my room. They ate planted in fox farm ocean forest. Transplanted last week…I got inline fan today now if I can figure out how to hook it up. It’s a cheap one for now but I don’t know how to set it up to get some heat out

Like 85 degrees during the day cause I open top of tent for awhile. It’s really hot at night bci live in a hot state. I have ac on…so I know I have to get hot air out and cool air in but idk how to do that

Just venting the top of your tent is often good for 5 to 10 degrees. Intake air from the bottom. Exhaust from the top.

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I have a exhaust fan in the top I have a couple fans inside, I have the tent window open. Now my humidity is 35 how do I get the humidity up. I’m very new at this. Ive done hydroponics like fifteen years ago it seems that was easier than soil. But I appreciate any help u can give me…

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Ambient humidity is less of an issue in veg than keeping temps in range. I let the ambient rule my plants and they are perfectly fine.

Well before lights went off my humidity was 55 and temp was 80 ph is 6.9 and I know that’s little high. And I over water them again. That some times is the problem. I’m gonna have to get some ph this week I guess.