What's up with this girl people?

She’s in the same conditions as most of the plants, just isn’t very happy it would seem.

Temps 80-68 F
Humidity 60- 80 %
Water temps are fine
Lighting is fine
She has some mildew
Does she need more cal mag? Any help alwayd appreciated! I need to buy a large poster of the difficiencies

Getting ready to flower maybe some bloom nutes needed?

What strain?

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I havent switched the lights… are they telling me it’s flower time? All I’ve used is grow hydro not micro or bloom thus far. They are special queen indica dominant height yielders, googled your interested on specs

I think you know what you are doing wrong than because without micro and bloom you aren’t getting many trace elements copper zinc iron mag manganese etc.


I have to agree with Donaldj, the grow and micro are probably supposed to be used together in the vegetative stage, then you are probably supposed to lessen the intake of grow and up the intake of bloom durring flower.


I see lots of tops and the yellowing looks like transitioning and looking for something more…based on the photo I’d say they are ready to flip.

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I’m such a noob… no wonder! I didn’t think of what micro would have in it… all this time they’ve been begging for it. Cheers dude. Probably just sorted all my problems lol