What's up with the likes?


Thanks a bunch @Sixpackdad. i have really enjoyed the time spent here learning and sharing.


Well I hate everyone and everything so I won’t be needed any of my hearts.
Hey you…you there…you need any hearts…they are top notch quality shit man…for sale…

I’m just here to learn, help when I can and see what others are up to and meet and greet … when it comes to all the mechanics of the site with likes and such there is no room in my brain for that data! Lol

If I do use a heart it will be because they are getting stale and starting to stink because they will decay after so long.

I told my woman many years ago
This is your choice I can treat you like a Queen on Valentine’s Day and the other 364 days would be a crap shoot or you can chose a beat down on Valentine’s Day and be treated great the other 364…
I hate the commercials the companies forced on the sheeple like Valentines and so on…

So there is my heartless felt opinion…

If your not giggling yet…here is a :gift_heart:

PS don’t you dare waste a heart on this post…unless of course it’s going bad and has to be used before it spoils