What's up with the likes?


Having been into online forums since around Y2K and been a mod or an admin at a few (which is a job I don’t think I’m suited for by the way) I can tell you a few stories about “LIKE” buttons, and forums where you build a “reputation” based on how many ‘Likes’ you get…

  1. both ideas are helpful when used as a general guide to helpfulness of info or plain old help a member provides


  1. IF people let it get to their heads it can be horribly abused, and I have seen such a thing mess up several websites that were otherwise wonderful

One of the stand outs I recall is People Purposely Posting For Points (P3FP)
~like it makes us cool some way :thinking:

or as if it was good for something, but likes are unfortunately not at all like greenstamps or boxtops:
You can trade them in for NOTHING!

On the other hand, it’s a definite “feel good thing” when you get one from somewhere, there is no doubt

But after nineteen years at many places online my personal cut on it is this:

  • The most heartwarming “likes” I ever got were for posts I totally forgot I had made
  • Like a butterfly, if you chase them they avoid you
  • An old Biker saying (sanitized) is that you can SPIT in one hand, and wish in the other- Guess which hand fills up first?
  • If you think of likes as digital KARMA it is a much better idea of how it eventually all works out…

So cheers, and don’t worry about them. If you can do that, I’m sure you’ll have more than enough both incoming and outgoing

~ciao from FF


thanks for the perspective @FrikkinFrank


This is what is needed to get you to the next level that comes with more likes. It looks to me like you have all of these. Since you joined, have you logged in every day? It looks like you may need to skip a day?


thank you for the heads up @Sixpackdad. yea, i’ve been here for 16 days but they have been consecutive lol prolly be a while before i take a day off, i’m having too much fun on here. and i think i’m getting my tent and lights day after tomorrow, got 4 plants in peat pellets waiting for them to pop their collective heads and i still got lots to read and learn… i’ll take a day off some time down the road lol


I can’t remember the last time I took a day off. Best of luck with your grow.


thanks @Sixpackdad , i am trying to instill a new attitude about this grow thing, bought good stuff, got a local group helping me, and i’m still worrying about stuff like ph. My tree house people said don’t worry, we got it all covered until we get into flowering a ways so now i’m trying to just learn and enjoy :grinning: i say that but i’m a natural born worry wart lol


Not sure if the “entering 20 topics” means reading 20 different topics or actually creating 20 different topics. If it’s the latter, @monkman is at 14.


To go off what @dbrn32 and @MattyBear said. The likes, responds, posts etc are all limited for several reasons. Most of which they explained. But one they didn’t is for “trolls” doesnt apply so much to the likes but forums limit everything so someone csnt make a new profile and troll then when deleted make a new one same day and troll with unlimited use. Not an admin here but i help out in some video gane forums :slight_smile:


Ok what does it mean to troll? @StephenBro


@Gardenguy its when someone makes fun of, teases or to herrass someone.


Thanks @StephenBro I would normally have used one of my likes for the definition but didn’t feel right putting it on something like that


Np honestly i have never ran out. I wouldnt know if people didnt talk about it lol


Have your seeds germinated yet?


@Hungrybud yep, moved them to a south facing window this morning. three of five have popped and the first one is now an inch tall so i figured i better get some light on it. if the other two don’t like the situation i will just grow three instead of four for my first try. from the looks of things that is prolly the big guy upstairs saying… i think 3 will be plenty for you :smiley:


What germination technique did you use mate?


i did the throw them in distilled water… no peroxide, didn’t have any or i would have. i waited until they just cracked and showed a little white coming out and then put them in the peat pellet. next time i will let them stay in water until tail is longer and the first three i put in pellets i think i put them down too far, more like a half inch than the quarter they said on jiffy directions.

in growing 30 years ago we always did the paper towel thing, i like this better. i would wait too long and the hairs from tap root would get in the paper towel. i think both work real well, but i wanted to try this new (to me) technique.


Yes it gets a bit risky if you let the root tail grow to long, sounds like your on top of things, good luck with the grow.


@monkman just curious, I see you moved to member status, did you skip a day to get that?


hey @Sixpackdad. no, it happened a day or two after this post, i think they were hoping i would just shut up…j/k lol :grinning:… but i was pretty active or they were hoping i would take a day off if they gave in… a lot like my drill sergeants lol


We never know what the ghosts in the machine will do! Glad you’ve joined us here @monkman