What's up with the likes?


I don’t know what the story is with the “likes”, but however many we are allowed each day is not enough. after sleeping thru the night i came on here and did my morning reading and was out of likes ( i don’t know how many i used but it couldn’t have been more than ten) within a half an hour. Why do you have likes if we are not allowed to use them? When you are conversing in real life, you can nod or smile and the idea comes across. Basically what you are forcing people to do is instead of just putting a like up when you agree with what is said, you have to respond with a comment. I’m not sure that forcing people to waste forum space with i agree comments is good for the forum or the waste of time for a “common” comment. I WOULD SINCERELY LIKE TO HAVE SOMEONE FROM ILGM ADMIN RESPOND TO THIS TREAD. I WANT AN EXPLANATION FOR WHY YOU HAVE LIKES AND WHAT IS YOUR STRATEGY FOR LIMITING THEM. AS WITH ANOTHER ISSUE I HAD WITH ILGM AT THE BEGINNING WHEN I COMPLAINED ABOUT THE NUMBER OF POSTS I WAS ALLOWED THE FIRST DAY HERE I SEE NOTHING BENEFICIAL ABOUT THE SITUATION AS YOU GUYS ARE RUNNING IT.


i have enough frustrating things in my life. don’t need another frustrating thing that appears to me to be non-productive. and believe me, the like issue is frustrating.


@Hogmaster @garrigan65 you guys wanna take this question?! :wink:


i would like your comment @MattyBear but i am out. sheesh LOL


You can have one of mine :wink: Here’s my answer… members get more likes the higher their trust level gets. Limiting likes is a way to get people to have to interact with others and ask questions or provide comments. If likes were unlimited, there would be a lot less conversation happening IMO :v::bear:


The number of likes is limited for sure, trust me when i say none of us like it! I’m not sure what the number is exactly though. What i do know, if you spend one its 24 hours before you get it back. So if you like to make them count, don’t be promiscuous with them haha.

As @MattyBearpointed out, the more time you spend here the more you will get. So spend them for now, keep up on your reading and posting.


I think it’s 50 likes in one day.out%20of%20likes


It can be frustrating. You can always use this.
That’s the “out of likes” like I use when I’m out.


I have been a student of human behavior my whole life probably because of kitchen table conversations between my parents who were both teachers talking about kids i know and “nothing” leaves the kitchen table. plus i have an inquisitive mind. I quit trying to manipulate people behavior when i was a teenager when i became enlightened. I was never manipulating their behavior for my benefit, i was always doing it for their own good. Trying to manipulate people behaviors by these types of methods typically gets you a lot of unintended results that are not what you were looking for and not what were intended.


ty @GreenJewels, i copied it and will use it with your permission. I copied and used the bleary eye’d marijuana leaf with the thumbs up pic from here and used it the other day, then felt guilty for doing so as i didn’t remember who i took it from, thank the person, or tell them what i was doing and some get peeved when you take their stuff.


I’ll take this one @MattyBear

I sure your thought’s my friend. Wright now I working with the front office on "EDITING POSTS " So I mite as well through the "LIKES " In there as well. I’m really getting tiried of all the complaining over something that should be there for all to use and to use as many time as needed … PERIOD !
and by the grace of me i’m going to get them to make some changes one way or the other.

Please don’t get me wrong … I’m not upset with you or anyone else for that mater but with the way this thing is with the editing and likes has got to be fixed.
Please I’m asking very nicely here for everyone involed to just give me a few more days to get this all worked out. Can you all do that for me PLEASE. and i’ll do my best I promise ok ?

B Safe
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He @garrigan65 that is fantastic bud. I am one of those people who will say something if i don’t see it as copacetic. And once i drop it in said persons lap i can let it go and get on with my life because i figured i’ve done my deed in calling attention to something that i think is “not good”. For the health of the site, the stopping people at “this many” comments on their first 24 hours is more of a concern to me than the likes… the likes thing is just a piss off. Stopping people from commenting at a small certain number of comments for their first 24 hours really adds a negative reinforcement to someone who in all likelihood is all pumped up about what they have found here. Just sayin… not really any of my business, but yes, i’m that guy… you couldn’t shut me up if you tried, many have lol but you can kick me out if it becomes too much of a problem LOL.


and yes, i was the same way in the army, you should have seen the drill sargeants and i go toe to toe LOL


If know one questioned authority none of us would be smoking weed. It’s just necessary some times.


I wouldn’t do no such thing ( Kick you out ) I need people like you Just don’t need to hear it over and over like a broken record. lol
And i’m not say you have but there are others that just won’t shut up.
If ya know what I mean.
But I’m on it like BLUE BONNET LMAO


I know exactly what you mean @garrigan65. i specialize in customer service in my attitude towards life. I try very hard to “get the message out” and let it go. Not a single human being wants to be told over and over and most times they already know what your complaint was before you said it. keep up the great work. as i’ve said many times before on this site, “i love this site” and i wouldn’t be saying the things i do on here if i didn’t! If i didn’t care i would have just wandered on to the next one. btw this isn’t my first site for learning about pot, but it is the only one i go to now. that is mainly because of the people on here and how this site is framed up. @MattyBear was right in that encouraging people to talk is beneficial to a forums based site and i can’t at this moment think of another vehicle or method to help get people to talk on threads, some will always talk and some will never talk. got to let people be who they are. that being said i’ve taught a lot of classes and imparted knowledge throughout my whole life and it is hard when you get no response from people who you are trying to communicate with.


Just my 2 cents…
Limits on new accounts can be a good thing to prevent Bots and Spammers from making a total mess for admins to try to clean up. But once a member has been proved to be an actual human who wants to be a part of the community, limiting activity seems counterproductive. Most reasonable people will act with a measure of discretion. Personally as a newer member I have never run out of likes yet. However I did want to edit a post with a typo and could not do it. This is a nice forum with a lot of self control and few if any ego issues. A rare thing in this era.


I consider my “likes” as a high five kinda thing, and I just dont give those out for anything…you gtta earn that high five in my opinion :rofl:


For the time being, i am going to start using single item emoges instead of likes for my “agree” with a post and will use @Liljoe’s idea of gotta earn a like… no wait… i’m a sucker… i like just about everything and everybody… that is my problem with the like thing… it is auto to me LOL


I think its because we where told over, and over, and over, and over, as kids and we never forgot.